Travis Balcke Wella Care and Styling Brand Ambassador Interview

Travis Balcke Wella Care and Styling Brand Ambassador Interview

Travis Balcke Wella Care and Styling Brand Ambassador Interview

With over a decade of experience, Travis's aesthetic approach creates beautiful sexy hair. His styling expertise has seen him working on international jobs such as Calvin Klein, Lady Gaga and Italian Vogue to name a few. As a regular every season at the international fashions shows in Paris, Milan and NYC, Travis has the know-how on hair.

"A client has a vision; it's my job to make that a reality, working with what you have and enhancing that is key", he says. Travis's hands have graced the heads of Gwyneth Paltrow, Mena Suvari and Jennifer Hawkins. His work has featured in Madison, Grazia and Harpers Bazaar. Travis is a protégé of Wella's global Creative Director Care and Styling - Eugene Souleiman and was involved in creating and testing of the new Wella Care and Styling range.

Question: Do you ever get nervous styling for people in the public eye?

Travis Balcke: No, because I treat everyone the same. With Cate Blanchett or Sarah Jessica Parker, I do think everyone is looking at them but you approach it in the same way so I don't really get nervous.

Question: Have you ever looked back at photos that you have styled and though "I'd love to do that hair style again"?

Travis Balcke: Yes, my first ever photo shoot is my favourite in regards to scenery and clothes, I think of it and would really like to change the makeup and hair. It needs to re-done and could be so much more amazing, it is still the best location shoot I have ever done though

Question: Where do you draw inspiration from?

Travis Balcke: People I work with and also international travel.

Question: Can you talk about styling for Lady Gaga?

Travis Balcke: I did Lady Gaga for the Alejandra video, it was amazing I was on the job with Eugene Souleiman and I had to do the last day alone, Stephen Klein was doing the video, Make up: Val Garlan. When we finished, I was sitting down and Stephen Klein was saying how much he loved the hair and makeup- a real wow moment. Lady Gaga was really nice to work with as well.

Question: Are you able to provide us with an insight as to what goes on back stage at a fashion show?

Travis Balcke: Chaos! The bigger the show the more chaos and the bigger the show the more elements that could go wrong, you can feel more pressure at the bigger the shows. At big shows with 90 models there is usually only three hours so it is more pressure and more hair in the same time, it is Sydney Fashion Week on steroids.

Question: What sets the Wella Care and Style Range apart from the rest of the haircare products n the market?

Travis Balcke: The new Wella Professionals Care and Styling range has so many different products, that are suited to people's individual needs and care/styling preferences. You can really personalise your look so it's just right for you, which I find really important. A client usually needs products that are specific and functional which is exactly what the new Wella Care and Styling range is about. The products really help you achieve the exact look you're after.

Question: How do you work alongside the client to create the perfect vision?

Travis Balcke: Basically I ask the client their guidelines then put that into my own feeling and look at the features and enhance it, to create a look they love.

Question: What's your favorite place that hairstyling has taken you?

Travis Balcke: I am going to India next month with Wella Professionals and I am so excited about that trip. Also Paris, I just love Paris-so amazing.

Question: What hair style do you know always works?

Travis Balcke: Ponytails are my favourite hairstyle ever; an endless hairstyle option-it's all about choosing the right one.

Question: What is the worst hairstyle ever, in your opinion?

Travis Balcke: Flat tops!

Interview by Morgan Sutherland