Different Types of Number Plates According to Profession

Different Types of Number Plates According to Profession

Having Standard or Customised Number Plates According to Your Lifestyle

So, you want to get your car's number plate customised and have your personal stamp on it?

Well, you have two options here: You can either go for a customised plate, where you handpick the numbers and letters or a special interest plate

based on a special group you belong to, such as 'Thoroughbred Country', 'Aboriginal Australia' or 'Regional plates'.

Buying a customised number plate for your car in Victoria requires a different contract, and these cost more than standard number plates issued by the government. Here are the standard number plate patterns for Victoria:

• AAANNN (3 Letters, 3 Numbers)
• 1AANAA (Number 1, 2 Letters, 1 Number, 2 Letters)

*A denotes a letter and N a number.

When it comes to customised plates, the pattern can be changed. If a plate contains a different character, it either represents a number or a letter.

Choosing a Number Plate According to Your Lifestyle
A personalised plate often reflects the name and age of the owner or the nature or make of their car. Some like to spread the word about their business, so they use their brand's name. Then there are the sports fanatics who use the name of their favourite sports team.

Since customised plates can be designed in any way you like, there's a real chance that your idea might be rejected because it is deemed offensive or inappropriate. Nods to dangerous driving, obscenities, sexual or drug reference are the top reason why plates are rejected. Ideas might also be rejected if they offend the police, have negative community sentiment or religious overtones, or incite political unrest. On these fronts, buying a customised number plate for your car in Victoria can be a bit tricky.

The Approval Process
Before your customised number plate is approved, the idea goes through a review process, which involves both manual and automated checking of my Maritime Services and Roads compliance officers.

While offensive plates rarely get past the censors but when the letters and numbers spell something other than English, it can get a little tricky. If such number plates are spotted, they are cancelled immediately.

Let's say that you see an offensive number plate on the road. It's up to you to report it so that the RMS can take immediate action. A committee reviews your complaint, and then it is decided whether the number plate should be taken back or remain in circulation. If the number plate is deemed offensive, it is destroyed, and the driver has to get a new number plate.

Commonly Rejected Plates
The following number plate ideas are rejected when they are suggested in the application:

References to Drugs

References to Sexual Preference
• U6IM9

• 0FX6VN
• 50FARQ

Inciting Political Unrest
• N4ZI
• HZ80LA

Unsafe Driving References
• PI55ED

Inciting Law Enforcement
• H8T50

Community Sentiment

Religious Themes

Number Plates According to Careers
Taxi Number Plates
If you drive a taxi, your car must have a license issued by Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV). A taxi license plate is only offered to the driver, who owns the taxi. The plates cannot be changed and should stay on the vehicle until they are cancelled.

The style of the taxi plate varies according to the car's operation. It includes:

• The slogan ACCREDITED TAXI SERVICE at the top
• The slogan VIC running vertically
• A green reflective background with white characters on it and a gold Southern Cross design that separates the numbers and letters

Trade Plates
Trade plates are issued to people who are car dealers. It allows them to give an unregistered vehicle to a potential customer for a test drive. These plates are white and have black characters on them.

In order to get a trade plate, you need to fall into any one of the below categories:

• Dealer in vehicles
• Manufacturer of vehicles
• Fleet owner
• Licensed vehicle tester
• Own a business that repairs, modifies, transports or alters vehicles before the first registration
• Own a company that provides the service of checking vehicles for efficiency and mechanical conditions

Vehicle for Hire
VH plates for vehicles that are for hire are only provided to people who provide services that are booked by customers. If a vehicle was issued a VH plate but is no longer used for the services, it does not need to be changed. This number plate can be customised as you are driving a vehicle that you own.

In conclusion, the eligibility criteria for number plates are different depending on the type of service you are providing and the state you are in.