What if the Future Never Happened

What if the Future Never Happened

Body and soul. The boy's a freak.


Produced by: Clockwork Films, Michael Hollis, Heath Johns and Heath George

Cast: Rasmus King, Autumn Fawn, Lockie Ranson, Kobi Williams, Quinlan Deakin, Charlie Farmer, Christian Morison, Christopher Jarret with Daniel Johns

Written by: Heath George and James Medlam. Story by Heath Johns based on the life of Daniel Johns

Directed by: James Medlam

From the mind of Daniel Johns…


From the mind of Daniel Johns, the most-decorated Australian musician of his generation, 'What If The Future Never Happened?' is a genre-bending, semi-autobiographical featurette that puts reality and fantasy in a hyper-speed spin cycle.


It's 1994, mere months before a teenage rockstar called Daniel (Rasmus King) would conquer the global music world in ways never-before-seen. On this ordinary day in regional Australia, while escaping the routine torment of three local bullies (led by newcomer Lockie Ranson), a chance interaction with a mysterious figure from the future will change Daniel's Tomorrow forever.


What if the Future Never Happened




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