Ella Proberts The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay

Ella Proberts The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay

Ella has just had her film debut, starring in Disney's The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay (2022) as 'Daniela,' now available to stream on Disney+! She previously known for her role as 'Patty' on an episode for Netflix's Mako Mermaids"the official sequel series to H2O: Just Add Water


Beyond acting, Ella is entering her second year at the University of Queensland as pre-law, studying journalism and politics. Ella has a passion for human rights and is the Regional Leader for Girl Up Australia and New Zealand, a United Nations initiative centralizing gender equality and advocating for women's rights. She additionally is a Liveris Academy Associate Scholar at her university where she champions ethical journalism as well as the integration of art into the presentation of stories.


Born and raised in Brisbane, Ella has had the acting bug since she was little, starting out in commercials and then joining the Queensland Theatre Youth Ensemble at age 10. Alongside theatre, Ella grew up as a competitive gymnast and won State Champion for Artistic Gymnastiscs at age 11, as well as joining the state team for aerobic gymnastics from ages 15 to 16. Her first television role would come from Netflix's Mako Mermaids(the sequel to the beloved H2O: Just Add Water), starring in an episode on Season 2 as 'Patty,' the little girl who sees the trio transform into mermaids.  


Ella currently attends the University of Queensland where she studies Journalism and Arts, majoring in International Relations. She has additionally joined the Liveris Academy with their Associate Scholarship that focuses on the intersection between major human rights and sustainability crises. Ella has previously been studying law but has decided to focus on journalism because of her passion for investigative storytelling. Last year, Ella won a grant to start 'Press Magazine' that tells global stories in a print magazine geared towards younger generations. She is also actively building an online tool to help detect the transparency and accuracy of news stories, and even hopes to bring her loves of acting, film and journalism together as the magazine continues to grow. 


Ella has been passionate about leadership within social justice causes since high school and continues that drive by serving as the Regional Leader for Girl Up Australia and New Zealand, a United Nations Foundation striving for gender equality. This work is a continuation of Ella's passion for the human rights group and breakfast drives in which she participated in throughout school and presents exciting opportunities to connect with leaders throughout Oceania. Ella is currently doing a running challenge to help the UNHCR raise money for Ukraine with her university"this involves running every day for 30 days, starting at 1km and adding 300m every day until she reaches 10km! 


Now, Ella makes her film debut in The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay, directed by Christine Luby and produced by The Steve Jaggi Company. Ella stars as 'Daniela,' the best friend of Izabela Rose (Upside-Down Magic). The film had its American release on June 11th on the Disney Channel and is now available to stream on Disney+, as well as additionally hitting theaters in Australia this Fall.


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