American Beauty Wonderful Perfume

American Beauty Wonderful Perfume

New Fragrance from American Beauty wonderful™

wonderful™ -- the feeling.

"Make every day wonderful," Ashley Judd

American Beauty, which celebrates the beauty of American Style, unveils its first fragrance, a romantic floral with a base of Mackayi Orchid that is effortless and feminine.

American Beauty strives to encapsulate that feeling of causal elegance and the perfect moments of every day life with the introduction of wonderful™. wonderful™ captures sensory delights in a bottle. It is joyful and engaging.

Like brushed silk against your skin, it's vibrant and alive with uplifting notes of WildPoppy, Primrose, Wild Honeysuckle, Bergamot, Magnolia and California Redwood.

The clean lines of the cut-glass bottle, the cerulean shade of the fragrance inside istimeless and elegant - created with the spirit of American Beauty in mind.

When the air feels electric, the light is crisp and vivid, the world comes into crystallinefocus and you feel wonderfully alive. Like the cheerful nod of a poppy in bloom, a subtlebreeze from out of the blue that rustles your skirt, these every day delights are undeniably satisfying.

wonderful™ -- the fragrance

Its unique signature is the Mackayi Orchid, which has surprising depth and femininity.Enhancing its rich floralcy are three facets or movements, each one complementing theother. Imagine that each emotion or feeling or moment was interpreted into its owndistinct scent. What would the reflection of light from a droplet on young grass smelllike, for instance? How does pure joy smell to you?

-A luxuriance of flowers, redolent of vibrant wild poppies and primrose, white gardeniapetals and pink peony

-A sparkle of morning dew, a burst of refreshing bergamot and oranges blended withsmooth magnolia petals and wild honeysuckle

-A touch of pure joy completes the trio, bringing a hint of mystery in the form of sensualtorch wood mist, pure jasmine and a warm California Redwood accord and giving serenesensuality and long-lasting awareness

Experience the fragrance that captures the true essence of American Beauty. Isn't itwonderful?

Packaged in a light blue, cut glass silhouette.

RRP: wonderful™ eau de perfume $69.00.
RRP: wonderful™ body lotion $45.00

American Beauty wonderfulTM will be available exclusively at selected Target stores. For store locations please phone 1800 061 326.