1. Act or result of adapting; adjustment
  2. Lit. work rewritten for a different presentation: ~ of a book for the stage.
  3. Biol. alteration in the structure or work of organisms, which enables them to live and multiply in changed conditions.
  4. Also, adaption - a slow change of individual and social activity to fit surrounding customs.

Release Date: 26th December, 2002
Starring: Nicolas Cage, Meryl Streep, Chris Cooper, Tilda Swinton
Director: Spike Jonze
Written by: Charlie Kaufman, Donald Kaufman, Susan Orlean
Running Time: 114 mins

A film about passion. A film about movie scripts. A film about about a novel. A film about twin brothers Charlie & Donald Kaufman - diametrically opposed and DNA-trically connected. A film about Orchidelirium.

Synopsis: Nicolas Cage is Charlie Kaufman. And Donald Kaufman. Twin brothers, both screenwriters and while they share the same DNA, they are poles apart: philosophically, ideologically and artistically.

On the back of the success of 'Being John Malkovich', Charlie Kaufman is a Hollywood man in demand; respected for his unique story-telling. However, with his sophomore script, the pressure is piercing. Susan Orlean's novel, "The Orchid Thief" is peppered with characters who undergo no developmental arc, there are no car chases, no romances and the central driving force that unites them is a flower: Polyrrhiza lindennii - the rare ghost orchid.

Charlie's anxiety is sharpened by the "inane" demands of twin brother Donald who has come to stay until he nails Hollywood as a screenwriter; with a thriller about cannibalism with only one character.

Can Charlie nail the adaptation?

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