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Allan Trinh's Ten Tips To Get Fit For Summer

Allan Trinh's Ten Tips To Get Fit For Summer

Top fitness trainer Allan Trinh is giving Australia a free lesson in getting trim for the summer.

Working out as little as half an hour a couple of times a week, eating healthily and knocking out carbs in the evenings plus drinking plenty of water instead of sugary drinks can turn you into a new person in a matter of weeks.

Trinh, whose successful company Personal Training Direct boasts a number of spectacular successes including slimmed down Bondi twins Luke and Jacob Fadel, has TEN TIPS to get into great shape to tackle life with renewed vigor.

And, of course, hiring a personal trainer like Allan, whose PT Direct fitness experts can visit you in the convenience of your own home, is his top tip. See Allan's website:

'People who adopt my methods and make a few lifestyle changes as the weather gets warmer, will feel more energized," explains Allan. "We are changing lives."

Here are Allan's tips to get people fit for summer…

1) Motivation

Before you can properly work towards your goals you need to have the correct motivation – Mind before body! Without motivation anyone will struggle to put the correct amount of exercise in and stick to a good diet. A great way to build motivation is by visualising and setting realistic goals to obtain in realistic time frames. Choose someone's body you would like to have or a fitness/health goal you want, then set a time frame which you believe you can achieve this by.

2) Make Exercise Convenient

You don't even have to leave the house to fit your workouts in. When you have time you can do a bodyweight workout at home, or go for a walk/run, take the stairs instead of the lift, chase your kids around the park or even have a trainer come to you. The easier it is to exercise the easier it is to do it!

3) Consistency

One key mistake made is having an -all or nothing' or -I'll get away with that' approach. But the key to achieving results is consistency. The problem with people who are too strict with their exercise and diet is it makes it impossible to maintain. Ensure you have the occasional -cheat meal' to get rid of those cravings. At the same time you do have to remain consistent with your exercise and nutrition 90% of the time so thinking just because you have progressed allows you to continuously treat yourself and skip exercise, YOU'RE WRONG!

4) Variety

Ensure your workouts and diet has variety. It is essential you mix up the types of exercise you are doing, not only to shock the body and get better results. Vary your diet intake and explore all those nutritious, low GI, fresh foods. Processed foods should go in the bin.

5) Support

It can be difficult to work towards your goals on your own so do it with someone, get a personal trainer or tell your close friends and family your goals and what you are doing. You need to have positive support to keep you motivated and feeling good.

6) More Work - Less time

Time is precious and so you don't want to waste it by not working hard enough. The time you have put aside to train ensure you are working at a high intensity and push yourself. You won't just feel better as it releases more happy endorphins but you will obtain your goals quicker.

7) Don't compare

Everybody is different and you do not want to discourage yourself by thinking -She eats terrible and is a size 6' or -she has lost that weight so much quicker than I have'. You are your own person on your own journey to positive change. This is about YOU! Not anybody else.

8) Throw away the scales

Scales are a good way to hurt your confidence and motivation. They are an inaccurate way of checking on your progress yet still many of people still use them. Use measurements, take weekly photos, look in the mirror or see how your clothes fit.

9) Acknowledge and reward progress

As you process towards your goals make sure you give yourself a pat on the back. Reward yourself occasionally by treating yourself to something nice and spoil yourself. You've earned it.

10) Get a Personal Trainer

Getting a personal trainer will help you achieve your goals for many reasons. Not only do you have support and someone to keep you accountable, they are able to motivate you and push you harder than you will ever be able to on your own. Their expertise will also allow them to maximise your time effectively and efficiently.


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