Aussies set to steal Berlin's music limelight at Popkomm 2007

A record number of Australians acts are set to make inroads in the European music scene at Berlin's Popkomm Festival, one of the world's premier music and entertainment trade events.

With an international tradeshow and festival covering 30 clubs, eight Australian acts will participate this year, including Adelaide's hip hop pioneering trio the Hilltop Hoods.

As a result of their attendance at the Great Escape Festival in London in May, the Hilltop Hoods secured billing at the legendary Glastonbury Music Festival 2008, and were later invited by Popkomm to appear at a special showcase in Berlin featuring the best emerging hip hop talent from around the world.

"The Hilltop Hoods are now well placed to be the first Australian hip hops artists to build a major international presence," said Matthew Proft, Arts, Culture and Entertainment Export Adviser for Austrade.

"To perform at Berlin's number one hip hop club to an audience of the European music industry's most influential tastemakers is a great opportunity for the Hoods to show Europe what we can do," said Dylan Liddy, Hilltop Hoods Manager.

"Austrade helped us network with the UK industry players during the Great Escape Festival, and have provided valuable on the ground advice and support both in Australia and in Germany in the lead-up to Popkomm," said Dylan Liddy.

"Popkomm has a particular emphasis on acts that can push their credentials through live performance, offering a great platform for acts like the Hilltop Hoods to launch into one of the world's most lucrative music markets," said Matthew Proft.

Rapidly emerging artists Laura Imbruglia and Worldfly will also participate in dedicated showcases, and one of Australia's best known turntable talents, DJ Mark Dynamix has won a place in a place in the DJ programme.

"Popkomm 2007 will also stage an Australian showcase organised by the New Found Frequency celebrating Women in Australian Music, featuring talents such as pop songstress Lillian Thoms, Asleep in the Park, and new-wave rockers Beki and the Bullets," said Matthew Proft.

The European recorded music industry alone is worth approximately EUR$11 billion, comparable in size to North America.

Austrade is currently seeking Australian acts and labels to participate in the Popkomm 2007 tradeshow, to be held 19-21 September.

"Austrade has been actively involved in promoting Australian music overseas for many years now and we are now seeing exciting growth, with a real increase in the numbers of artists and labels winning international deals," said Matthew Proft.

Last year Austrade helped 124 music businesses achieve export sales worth more than $28 million

For more information on Popkomm 2007 visit To learn more about export opportunities for music businesses contact Austrade on 13 28 78.


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