Bowerbird Vintage Bride

Bowerbird Vintage Bride

While we believe that incorporating Vintage into your wedding is never 'out of style', we are excited to see one of the biggest trends for weddings is vintage. From the era inspired wedding to a few subtle elements here and there. 

We have seen Gatsby inspired wedding, fun fifties, elegant vintage glamour, rustic vintage to Victoriana and everything in between.

One question that has come up is if you choose a vintage wedding dress do you have to have a themed vintage wedding? Short answer: No. You can draw on the influences and styles of yesteryears without reproducing the era. It really can be as subtle as the colours you choose to the invitations or vintage elements styled into your reception and florals. There are no rules with vintage and there are no rules for your wedding day. That is the beauty of vintage, you can be sure that your special day is unique and reflects your style and personality. 

We have a collection of stunning! Vintage wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses to choose from, so grab your besties and pop in and see us at the Southern Antique Centre. We even have a cafe on site the perfect place to rest, refuel and most importantly check out & post your selfies! If you would like to share with us your favs tag us at @bowerbirdvintage we would love to see them!



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