The Beauty of Bridal Registries

The Beauty of Bridal Registries

It used to be quite a serious breach of wedding etiquette for brides and grooms to tell guests what they would like for a wedding present. Nowadays however, bridal registries have become commonplace and requesting certain wedding gifts is no longer a faux pas.

The beauty of having a bridal registry is that ...

You'll Receive Wedding Gifts that you Actually Want
From linen to luggage, barbeques to blenders, Exclusive Touch, will make sure that your bridal registry contains all that your heart desires. Not only are they able to organise presents from practically anywhere in the world, you can also purchase one from wherever you are the world, using their online gift registry service.

You Can Be Indulgent
Some bridal registries such as Villa and Hut specialise in unique wedding gifts such as Chinese antiques, mahogany furniture and one-of-a-kind handcrafted artifacts. Be indulgent and hold your bridal registry at one of these specialty stores as your wedding is the one time you'll be able to acquire items that you would normally consider too extravagant to purchase in your daily life.

You'll be Able to Go on Your Dream Honeymoon
With the average wedding costing in excess of $10, 000, many couples forgo or skimp on their honeymoon. Thanks to the growing trend in honeymoon registries, a dream getaway is now possible for frazzled newlyweds. Couples put down the deposit for their honeymoon and guests have until 21 days before the departure date to contribute. Contact a travel agency such as Honeymoon Planners for assistance with your honeymoon registry.

You'll Finally be able to Finish Renovating
Renovating a home is an expensive endeavour so many brides and grooms are registering at home and hardware store such as Bunnings and Mitre 10. Planks of wood and tins of paint may not be very romantic wedding presents but they'll all help to create that magical marital home.

You'll be able to Stock the Wine Cellar
Imagine the joy of popping the cork of a bottle of fine wine on every wedding anniversary. You'll be able to do this with a Wines By Design bridal registry. Wines By Design stock white, red and sparkling wines and also decanters and glasses that may be engraved to commemorate your wedding day.

You'll be Reliving Your Guests from Stress
A bridal registry saves your guests from the stress of choosing a wedding present that may not be to your taste. Opting to give something from the registry list, guests are safe in the knowledge that their gift will be used and enjoyed for many years to come.

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