Cleanskin Cowgirls

Cleanskin Cowgirls

Childhood friends, Elsie and Tara are from opposite sides of the class divide in the dead end town of Culvert. As soon as possible, they make an empowered dash to escape, leaving their boys behind. They find freedom mustering cattle on a remote outback station but scandal and a terrible betrayal send them on separate paths.

Elsie becomes an internationally successful country music singer but nearly dies from an overdose. It is only with the help of her old friend Tara, back in their home town, that she finds the answers she's been seeking.

Meanwhile the boys have implemented a crazy, ingenious and just plain dangerous scheme to create fuel from the most unlikely of sources...

Cleanskin Cowgirls is ultimately a story about transformation and finding your way in today's bewildering world. Once again Rachael Treasure will inspire her legions of readers to dream big and believe in the power of the individual to bring about lasting change.

Rachael Treasure lives in southern rural Tasmania with her two young children and an extended family of kelpies, chooks, cattle, horses, sheep and dogs. She is passionate about encouraging non-readers to read, as well as inspiring both farmers to consider regenerative agricultural practices and animal handlers to better understand their dogs and livestock. Rachael's five novels and collection of stories have all been bestsellers and she is famous for inspiring the genre of rural fiction for women. Her first foray into erotica, Fifty Bales of Hay, Sexy Stories from the Farm (2012) was a runaway success and last year she published a popular book of inspiration – Don't Fence Me In.

Cleanskin Cowgirls
HarperCollins Australia
Author: Rachael Treasure
ISBN: 9780732299026
RRP: $32.99


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