Not That Kind Of Girl

Not That Kind Of Girl

Not That Kind Of Girl

The first thing you have to know about Lena Dunham is that she's unafraid to say exactly what she thinks. She's provocative, very funny, original, dead-pan, disturbing, neurotic, simultaneously deep and shallow, and often way, way out there.

In Not That Kind Of Girl, Dunham illuminates the experiences that are part of making one's way in the world: falling in love, feeling alone, being ten pounds overweight despite eating only health food, having to prove yourself in a room full of men twice your age, finding true love, and most of all, having the guts to believe that your story is one that deserves to be told.

'Take My Virginity (No Really, Take It)" is the account of Dunham's first time, and how her expectations of sex didn't quite live up to the actual event ('No floodgate had been opened, no vault of true womanhood unlocked") and 'Girls & Jerks" explores her former attraction to less-than-nice guys"guys who had perfected the 'dynamic of disrespect" she found so intriguing.

Exuberant, moving, and keenly observed, Not That Kind Of Girl is a series of dispatches from the frontlines of the struggle that is growing up. 'I'm already predicting my future shame at thinking I had anything to offer you," Dunham writes. 'But if I can take what I've learned and make one menial job easier for you, or prevent you from having the kind of sex where you feel you must keep your sneakers on in case you want to run away during the act, then every misstep of mine will have been worthwhile."

Lena Dunham is the creator and star of the critically-acclaimed HBO series Girls, for which she also serves as executive producer, writer and director. She has been nominated for 8 Emmy awards and has won 2 Golden Globes, including Best Actress, for her work on Girls. Lena has also written and directed two feature length films (including 2011's Tiny Furniture), created two web series, and is a frequent contributor to The New Yorker. Lena graduated from Oberlin College in 2008.

Not That Kind Of Girl
HarperCollins Australia
Author: Lena Dunham
ISBN: 9780732297916
RRP: $29.99