Coronavirus and Me

Coronavirus and Me

Homecomings, hospitals, homages and heart-warming homecare Australians respond to the COVID-19 outbreak in episode one of iwonder's  'CORONAVIRUS & ME' 


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Documentary video streaming platform, iwonder, today releases episode one of Coronavirus & Me, weaving together the different experiences and perspectives of everyday Australians' response to the COVID-19 crisis, available to view now at iwonder, on iwonder's Facebook page and in the iwonder area at 


Episode One of the iwonder Original features five principle contributors, each with starkly different stories to share on coming to terms with the impact of the global pandemic on work, family, personal wellbeing and the trials of isolation. 


Jason from the Central Coast, whose previous video of caring for his 87 year-old mother and her daily battle with Alzheimer's disease, went viral in Australia and globally with shout outs on social media from Prime Minister, Scott Morrison and a special feature in James Corden's '3 Things to Cheer You Up' from The Late Late Show in the US, shares a new and heartfelt story - exclusively for Coronavirus & Me -  of life under lockdown coping with the most challenging of situations. 


With Oma separated from the carers that used to visit her up to four times a week before the lockdown, and barely able to comprehend the concept of Coronavirus, Jason and his family do everything they can to make his mother's life more manageable, while dealing with the daily challenges of home-schooling and a dwindling source of income. Yet amidst the hardship and heartache of looking after his mother comes an inspiring story of love, resilience and optimism to help all Australians find their way through the Coronavirus crisis, no matter how hard things may sometimes feel. 


Chronicling the early stages of Australia's response to the emerging crisis, Cam from Sydney tells of his arrival in Guangzhou, the eerie quiet of experiencing China's uncompromising lockdown and the stark contrast of returning home to Australia and a nation seemingly unprepared for what lies ahead. 


Hospital worker, Jacinta from Melbourne, tells of the combination of fear and uncertainty uniquely held by the brave doctors, nurses and medical support staff across Australia, as the enormity of the public health crisis facing the country began to take hold. When the threat of overflowing morgues becomes a reality that Jacinta is asked to start preparing for at work, the spectre of what could soon strike Australia's healthcare system becomes visibly hard for her to bear, at a time when countries around the world are struggling to cope with sharp increases in Coronavirus deaths. 


Shaun from Adelaide invites us inside the world of Australia's younger generations coping with the challenges of fewer employment options along with the boredom and frustration of life in isolation, cut off from friends, family and social gatherings. In a light-hearted homage to Tom Hanks' relationship with Wilson in the 2000 hit movie, Castaway, Shaun captures the ups and downs of life under lockdown with his long-suffering friend, Spalding.  


While Clare from Sydney, a professional musician, shares how she's filling her days and nights at a time when there are no events taking place and no audiences to play for. 


iwonder Co-Founder & CEO, James Bridges, said of the film:  "We're privileged to be able to bring together these eye-opening stories of Australians responding to COVID-19, capturing a rare and remarkable moment in history through the personal lenses of ordinary people who have faced very different paths through this unfolding crisis. Our heartfelt thanks go out to those who have shared their stories with us so far. We hope this documentary allows people to feel that little bit more connected to one another at a time when it's important for each of us to know we're not alone." 


The submission portal at remains opens for all Australians, at home or overseas,  interested in sharing their story for Episode Two of Coronavirus & Me. To be considered for inclusion, video submissions should be a maximum of 10 minutes in length, can be shot on any kind of camera but must be in 16 x 9 landscape format (if it's on a phone, holding it sideways, not upright) and can be silent or have people speaking, but must include no music. For full details and terms & conditions visit  The contributor of any video, or part thereof, selected for inclusion in the series will be informed and mentioned in the episode's credits, and a donation to the Australian Red Cross will be made in their name to help further the charity's invaluable efforts in supporting communities through the COVID-19 crisis.   


For further information, or to contact the iwonder team, visit the iwonder Facebook page