Disney Frozen: A Frozen Heart

Disney Frozen: A Frozen Heart

Love is an open door, or so Anna believed when she first met a handsome prince named Hans. A Frozen Heart tells the story of a lonely young woman named Anna who has been shut away from the world for most of her life. Her parents are dead, and her sister - the only person who might show her an ounce of love - is cold and distant to her. No wonder she jumps at the chance for love and companionship with a dashing, sweet stranger. But as Hans's veneer of kindness melts away, Anna finds the love she was searching for all along from her sister Elsa. Told in alternating chapters from both Anna's and Hans' perspectives, A Frozen Heart delves into the couple's failed romance, exploring their backstories, motivations, and ultimate separation.

Elizabeth Rudnick is a young adult author. She was a Senior Editor at Disney Press in New York City. She edited books on movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Prince of Persia as well as Miley Cyrus's memoir, Miles to Go, which was a New York Times bestseller. Her debut YA novel, Tweet Heart was published by Disney Hyperion in 2010.

Disney Frozen: A Frozen Heart
Author: Elizabeth Rudnick
RRP: $14.99

Available at Target, Big W, Dymocks, Independent Book and Toy Retailers


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