Dragonkeeper Series 10th Anniversary

Dragonkeeper Series 10th Anniversary

October 2013 marks the 10th anniversary of the internationally bestselling Dragonkeeper series!

Penned by celebrated author Carole Wilkinson, the series has received wide acclaim, winning a variety of awards including 2008 CBCA Book of the Year for Younger Readers.

It's set to be an exciting year for Dragonkeeper, with Book 4: Blood Brothers coming into paperback this month AND Book 5: Shadow Sister due out May 2014.

Carole Wilkinson is an award-winning and much loved author of books for children. She has a long-standing fascination with Dragons and is interested in the history of everything. Though Carole has written over 30 books, she did not write her first book until she was nearly 40. Before that she had worked as a laboratory assistant and as a film and television writer and editor.

Dragonkeeper Series 10th Anniversary
Walker Books Australia
Author: Carole Wilkinson


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