Foodbank Fighting for Australians in Need

Foodbank Fighting for Australians in Need

Foodbank Fighting for Australians in Need

Foodbank, Australia's largest food relief organisation, is today launching its largest ever campaign, Food Fight, to help feed the thousands of Australians that go hungry every day – and those in need are not just who you'd think.

Low income families are the biggest group seeking food relief. The latest Foodbank Hunger Report shows that 516,000 Australians now rely on food relief from Foodbank's agencies each month, with over a third of recipients being children. As food insecurity in Australia continues to worsen, demand for food relief is outpacing supply. Each month over 60,000 of the Australians seeking food relief are unable to be assisted. Over two thirds of agencies supporting low income families are unable to meet the full demand for food relief.

Food Fight is the result of a partnership between Foodbank and some of Australia's most iconic household brands including Kellogg's breakfast cereals, Helga's and Wonder White, SPC baked beans & spaghetti and Ardmona tomatoes, Primo Smallgoods, Moccona and Harris coffees and Vetta Pasta. Throughout the month of August, when a Food Fight product is purchased, a food donation will be made to Foodbank to help fight hunger in Australia.

Kylie Gillies, host of Channel Seven's The Morning Show and Foodbank Food Fight Ambassador, says: 'As a mother, it saddens me that parents are still having to make the choice between making ends meet or skipping out on a meal. Even more distressing is that a third of all those who use Foodbank's services are children.

"During the month of August, Foodbank is asking the public to buy a Food Fight product and join the fight against hunger in Australia. The products involved in the campaign can be used to make simple, nutritious and economical meals that the whole family can enjoy - so let's come out fighting to end hunger in Australia!"

Jason Hincks, Chief Executive Officer of Foodbank Australia, says, 'The Australians going hungry aren't just on the street, they're in your street. According to the majority of welfare agencies, low income families, single parent families and the unemployed are most in need of assistance."

A group of celebrity ambassadors and professional chefs have thrown their weight behind the campaign and are encouraging the public to join the Food Fight by buying participating products. The chefs include: Adam D'Sylva, Jerry Mai, Oliver Gould, Raymond Capaldi, Scott Pickett and Simon Moss. They have prepared simple, tasty and quick recipes featuring the products supporting the Food Fight.

Jason continues, "It's great that so many are coming out to support the Food Fight campaign. We couldn't provide the vital service we do without the help of the food industry, our ambassadors and also volunteers who work tirelessly at the frontline."

To show your support for the Food Fight campaign, visit your local supermarket and purchase a Food Fight item. For further information, or to find out how to become a Food Fighter, visit

Participating Food Fight products include:
Kellogg's – All specially marked cereals, including Corn Flakes and Sultana Bran
SPC Ardmona – SPC Baked Beans range, SPC Spaghetti range & Ardmona Rich and Thick Classic Tinned Tomatoes
Goodman Fielder - All specially marked loaves of Helga's and Wonder White
Rinoldi Pasta – Vetta Pasta range
Primo -  Shaved Honey Leg Ham, Thinly Sliced Turkey Breast and Thinly Sliced Hungarian Salami
DE Master Blenders – Moccona Instant Classic Medium Roast varieties and Harris Espresso Ground Coffee varieties

Scott Pickett:

Raymond Capaldi:
Adam D'Sylva:
Jerry Mai:
Ollie Gould:
Simon Moss:

Foodbank is Australia's largest food relief organisation, providing 40 million meals a year to over 2,800 charities and 1,000 schools around the country. Foodbank accounts for 80% of the food distributed to charities and food rescue organisations.

Hunger is a hidden crisis in Australia with thousands of Australians seeking food relief every day. The annual Foodbank Hunger Report highlights that it's not just the homeless and unemployed who are doing it tough but low income families including single parents. Also at risk are the elderly, people with a disability, refugees and people of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander descent.

Foodbank works with over 700 partners who contribute food and groceries including farmers, wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers. Despite our best efforts, the 2014 Foodbank Hunger Report reveals that 60,000 people are turned away from charities each month due to a shortage of food and resources. 


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