Take charge and finally dump your boyfriend....

With the Galmatic Car Care Handbook you don't need your boyfriend to change your flat tyre anymore, you can now do it yourself. The handbook covers everything car related a girl should know including how to avoid a car jacking, beauty treatments for your car and yes, even how to change a flat tyre and check the oil.

Forget what the guys say, girls are without a doubt very skilled when it comes to cars, especially when driving them. They can slick on lip gloss, drive while wearing fashionably high heels and generally conduct any last minute hair touch-ups using the rear view mirror.

But ask most girls how to change a flat tyre or check their car's oil level and you won't find the same skill or knowledge level. A recent survey * conducted by found only 21% of women would think of checking their tyre pressure. The other 79% assume it is done in the service. With these sorts of statistics it's no wonder girls run into trouble with their cars.

Currently in discussion with Australian and American distributors, book author and publisher, Eleni Mitakos, wrote the book after acquiring years of car knowledge following the purchase of her first vintage car as a teenager.

"The Galmatic Handbook is a one of its kind book that I wrote with us girls in mind, it's easy to understand and very user-friendly", Eleni said.

Eleni has plans to expand the Galmatic brand to include car care products in the near future.

The Galmatic Handbook is supported by the Galmatic website where girls can join the Galmatic Car Club, cruise the forum and chat with other girls about their car and driving experiences. On the Galmatic website you'll also find free tips and meet Georgie, the face of Galmatic.

Roadside assistance or waiting for your token male isn't always the quickest service but with the Galmatic Car Care Handbook in your glove box, help is closer than a phone call away.

Review: With women influences the majority of car purchases, it's about time there was a book to help us girls take charge and fully understand what to look out for and how to help ourselves when it comes to motoring. GalMatic is a great handbook of insightful tips to make your motoring a pleasure, plus you will be able to handle any hickups that come your way.

The Galmatic Car Care Handbook is available from for $19.95 plus postage.