Get Victoria's Secret Angels Hair

How To

Step 1:
The key to perfecting this look is to start with a solid foundation. Start by applying OSiS+ Session Label Volumizing Mousse, starting at the roots of the hair and slowly working it through to the ends. A volumizing mousse works to give the hair texture and movement, which is essential when recreating any of the Angel's iconic hairstyles.

Step 2:
If your hair is a little more on the dry side - apply a little bit of Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Session Label Miracle 15 to hydrate and protect your hair from the heat and static.

Now it is time to get out your round brush and hair dryer, because it's time to do a blow wave. Caterina Di Biase's top tip for creating bouncy, sexy curls is to first blow-dry your hair dry, section the hair and pin into hot rollers straight away, leave them in to cool – which helps the hair set.

Step 4:
Once cool, remove the hair from the rollers and use a big tong curler to apply some extra curls. If you find the curls around your face aren't sitting, as you'd like them to, use this curler to further shape and frame curls around your face as desired.

Step 5:
Finish the look by combing the hair back and applying a texturizing dust like OSiS+ Session Label Powder Cloud to the roots for added texture and volume. When you're looking just like one of the Victoria's Secret Angels lock the look in place with Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Sessions Label Super Dry Flex and you're ready to go!

Further Tips from Caterina Di Biase:
If you have short or thin hair and want to add extra volume to this look, consider investing in clip in extensions such as Showpony Hair extensions. These are an easy way of giving your hair added volume and length.

To achieve a more natural look with hair extensions I suggest curling the extensions once they are in place your hair to ensure that they blend in seamlessly.

Using mattifying powders such as Schwarzkopf Professional OSIS + Session labels - Dust it flex, helps the clips grip on the hair and stops them from moving, which is extremely helpful when you're curling or styling the extensions.

Tips from Caterina Di Biase -Schwarzkopf Professional ambassador, four-time hairdresser of the year and 2017 Educator of the Year.


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