Good Boy!

Good Boy!
"Good Boy!" is a hilarious movie for the whole family to watch. It really brings out the meaning of "man's best friend". The Special Edition DVD and VHS is out now.

There is an all-star cast of celebrity voices: Mathew Broderick (Broadway's The Producers), Brittany Murphy (Uptown Girls), Delta Burke ("Designing Women"), Cheech Marin (Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over), Vanessa Redgrave (Girl, Interrupted), Carl Reiner (Ocean's Eleven) and Donald Faison (Uptown Girls). "A furry romp that both kids and parents can laugh at together" The Seattle Times.

This four-legged movie follows a 12-year-old boy, Owen (Liam Aiken), who discovers his adopted furry friend can talk, make a conversation with you. Incredible! Hubble is an interplanetary scout from the Dog Star Sirius. He was scent out here to find out rumors, that the earth dogs have failed to be a man's best friend. Owen and Hubble have to train a ruff group dogs to persuade Hubble's leader, The Grater Dane (Vanessa Redgrave), that earth pooches rule!

The Good Boy! Special Edition DVD, has a bag full of bonus features, which includes deleted and alternative scenes, "dog-umentary", an audio "canine-tary" by the director John Hoffman and of course the cast! Q&A with Hubble, behind the scenes footage, theatrical trailer and Easter Eggs!

The Good Boy! Special Edition VHS features "Tricks for a crafty Canine" on how to teach your dog new tricks!

A delightful look at the world from a dog's point of view. This enchanting story will captivate all dog lovers and can be enjoyed by young and old. There are some delightful comedy skits thrown in to make it a great family movie.