Greencane Toilet Paper

Greencane Toilet Paper

Greencane Paper is excited to bring their range of sustainable paper products to Australia, including their 100% biodegradable toilet paper made using sugarcane extract.


After years researching more sustainable ways to meet our everyday needs, Greencane has finally arrived in Australia, bringing with it more environmentally-conscious household products that are cost-comparable with current market brands.

'We're excited to bring Greencane to Australian households and start to make a difference to the environment on a larger scale," says Greencane founder Geoff Arden.

'Greencane offers a simple way for households to be sustainable every day. When it's harvested, sugarcane is crushed to remove the sugar and a fibrous waste remains – this is what we recycle into a pulp suitable for paper-making."

'Best of all, the world's supply of sugarcane is believed to be at a mature stage, which means there no additional demand for land expansion. Greencane utilises this existing material to create our paper – meaning no brutal timber harvesting, and no destruction of our forests to make hand and toilet paper."

Delivered hassle-free and quickly to your door after purchasing online, Greencane toilet tissue is soft to the touch and environmentally friendly.

Every time we visit the bathroom, the paper we choose could be making a tremendous difference to the environment. So whether you're a scruncher or a folder, you can make a conscious decision to make your household more environmentally friendly with Greencane Paper.

Greencane Toilet Roll 4 Pack
RRP $3.69
100% biodegradable paper
300 sheets of soft 2 ply roll
Equally as effective as traditional tree-based products
Fast + efficient home delivery
Environmentally friendly
Available in cartons of 12 packs for only $39.80 per carton online.

To buy online or for further information about the Greencane story, visit


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