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Groupon Australia's 3D Man Flu Body Double

Groupon Australia's 3D Man Flu Body Double

82% of Aussies agree men and women suffer cold and flu symptoms equally but men cope less and exaggerate more
50% of men say they take four or more days to recover from a cold or flu, with most admitting couch time is the best remedy
Five times more men than women believe Man Flu is a real illness
Groupon offers first ever 3D printing deal for $59,000 (incl. delivery) to support Aussie men expected to suffer the effects of Man Flu this winter


Groupon Australia has partnered with Keech 3D to launch 3D MAN – a custom printed life-size body double that Aussie males struck down by Man Flu this winter can send to work as their substitute.

Created using the latest 3D printing technology, 3D MAN will sit in on work meetings, hang out with colleagues in the kitchen and blankly stare at laptop screens, giving way for Man Flu sufferers to stay home and recoup with couch time (instead of desk time) - with co-workers and management none the wiser!

New research by Groupon has revealed half of Aussie men (50%) claim their cold and flu symptoms linger for four or more days with 54% confessing they stay home from work when unwell - that's a lot of sick days that could be better spent nursing a hangover, making way for a summer one-day test match, or genuinely used when the real flu strikes.

When it comes to the best remedies to help soothe blokes in the grip of Man Flu and speed their recovery, 54% of people agree couch time watching TV, movies and sport is the number one cure, alongside Vicks VapoRub (51%), some TLC (46%) and mum's homemade chicken soup (43%). Nawww.

Wives and girlfriends will also love 3D MAN. Although five times more males (42%) than females (8%) believe Man Flu is a real illness, and almost four times as many men (36%) than women (10%) say their physical flu symptoms are worse than those females endure, women are the silent sufferers of this debilitating condition. So ladies, enjoy your own couch time with 3D MAN at the end of the working day while your 2D version is snuggled up in bed recovering with a hot water bottle and a soft hankie. Cough cough.

Steve Traplin, Country Manager, Groupon ANZ, said as someone who had personally experienced the misery of Man Flu, 3D MAN is the perfect solution for the considerate men among us who don't want to spread their Man Flu to colleagues in the workplace. 'It's admirable 46% of men told us they soldier into work when sick, but we all know Man Flu is the most contagious winter illness around, so think of your fellow comrades and don't be a workplace hero when you're at your worst - send 3D MAN in your place."

3D MAN only requires you to have a 30-minute full digital body scan, and four weeks later you'll have a life-size replica of yourself.

Doug Baird, Business Manager, Keech 3D said: 'The 3D body-double is an exact replica: we will match your height, size, clothing, posture and facial expression."

3D MAN will be available from Groupon Australia from today and throughout winter for $59,000 including delivery. For more information or to purchase, visit For those who can't afford the real deal, Groupon Australia has also launched a Winter Warmer store complete with all the Aussie essentials to get you through your Man Flu or cold this season,

Further results from the Groupon survey showed:

One in four people (26%) believe a hot water bottle, flannelette pyjamas and UGG boots are necessary in the recovery of -Man Flu'
23% of people said a whisky also aids the speedy recovery of -Man Flu'
17% of people said that -Man Flu' is more inconvenient than losing your mobile phone and as serious as other medical conditions (16%)
 9% of people stated they think -Man Flu' is more painful than childbirth and more painful than a broken limb (8%)



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