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Hattie Boydle WBFF Interview

Hattie Boydle WBFF Interview

Hattie Boydle, the current 2016 World Beauty Fitness and Fashion World Champion, has been deep in training for the 2017 WBFF The Worlds, which takes place on 26th of August, in London, UK, at the famous O2.

Hattie leaves for London in two weeks to contest back-to-back titles at the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) competition. She is the only Australian to ever hold the title in the Federation's 10-year history.

Hattie, 26, is on a global mission to empower all over the world to push their boundaries when it comes to lifting heavy, creating curves, getting up on stage or simply being the best version of themselves.

After her friend died suddenly when she was 16, Hattie spiraled into a world of depression and anorexia, which eventually saw her wake up in a hospital emergency room. During her time as an in-patient at a recovery facility, she found herself surrounded by very sick girls, and realised she not only needed to change, but needed to be the change that would inspire these girls and other women to truly love themselves and be comfortable in their own bodies.

Not only has Hattie been in training for the WBFF but she also successfully continues to run her business, The Sports Model Project, an online fitness and coaching program that has grown significantly in the past year with a 40% increase in turnover, approaching $1million. With over 500K loyal followers on social media, Hattie has secured ambassador roles with Muscle Nation, Jaybird (Logitech) and Nutrikane, and amassed admirers from across the world with Asia and the US her largest markets.

Interview with Hattie Boydle

Question: Can you talk us through your preparations for the fast-approaching 2017 World Beauty Fitness and Fashion World Champion?

Hattie Boydle: I really enjoyed my prep this year. The fact that I am defending my title excites me. I have never been in this position before and I couldn't be in a more beautiful and focused state if I tried.

My prep this year was all about beating the girl I was last year - I wanted to come in smaller in my quads, bigger glutes, leaner through the back of my legs, rounder shoulders and a smaller waist.

I had to take out my heavy lifting because I build so much mass through my legs and waist - so I had to be strategic is making sure I could still create bigger gluten without my quads growing too.

I split my days up to in glute and shoulder focused days, quad and back days, a HIIT day and a hamstring and ab day. I would rotate these days throughout the week doubling up on my gluten and shoulder days.

I focused a lot of effort into my mindset. I really wanted to enjoy this prep mentally and physically and to do that I had to practice meditation and having a focused and positive attitude. I honestly feel like this prep had has so many small wins for me already.

Question: How does it feel to be an inspiration, to so many Australians?

Hattie Boydle: If I could help one person on a daily basis realise their true potential I feel like I am doing something to help change the world. It's like a domino effect; it's a wonderful feeling knowing that I am helping someone in some way make better choices. It helps me make better choices. I feel very grateful to be in the position that I am in.

Question: How do you use your status to promote women to be the best version of themselves?

Hattie Boydle: I think it's really important to be honest and real.
I also believe that you are the key to your happiness. No one else can do that for you. True self development is hard work, but it one of the most rewarding feelings in the world knowing that you are on control of your own thoughts feeling and actions and when you can create your own beautiful state you can help others do the same.

Question: Your path is unique; can you share how you learnt to be comfortable in your own body?

Hattie Boydle: This has taken me many years to accomplish and I finally feel freedom.
There was a turning moment for me when I realised one day that in order to be truly happy I needed to learn to love myself. I started off by saying one thing I liked about myself.

I used to cry when my boyfriend asked me to do that because I had so much anxiety about liking something I couldn't bear to say anything. I realised this was an issue.
I thought to myself I have to find something . Fake it till you make it.

I started off with my belly button. I had no attachment to that part of my body. Then I went onto my nails, then onto something else and eventually I started believing that I liked things about myself. I said I liked thing that I didn't even like just to myself say something to get over my anxiety.

Persistence is key! Over time I started to enjoy liking myself. I started to say yes to more opportunities. I started to speak differently to myself. Now I like so many things about myself but they are more internal than external. I tend to focus more on my mindset and my attitude over what I look like because what I look like is a reflection of how I treat myself!

I also stopped punishing myself. My choices started to come from a place of nurture over a place of guilt. That was a big game changer for me.

Question: What advice do you have for those of us, beginning a fitness journey?

Hattie Boydle: There is no sprint to the finish line when you are truly working on yourself. Consistency is the key.
Surround yourself with support and good people.
Get educated.
Don't be sucked into gimmicks, quick fixes, diet fads, and eight week booty programs.

Your body is under construction for life - allow yourself time too progress! If you do it all at once you will find yourself getting bored! There is so much variety out there and it all works, but allow yourself to progress properly!
Enjoy the ride! It's a fantastic learning experience. Track your progress both physically and mentally.
Things won't happen overnight but if you stay consistent you will find yourself a completely new person in no time!

Question: How can women be empowered and not feel timid when lifting weights in a gym?

Hattie Boydle: I get nervous walking into a new gym and I know what I am doing, its normal, but a good way to help with this is go to the gym with a friend, or get a good personal trainer to help you.

Put your favourite music on and block out the world. We always think everyone is staring at us - they aren't. They are staring at themselves!

Question: Congratulations on The Sports Model Project! Can you tell us about your business?

Hattie Boydle: The Sports model project is my online program and it is a group of amazing women who are on a mission to be the best versions of themselves.

They want a physical and mental transformation. For some girls that's getting on stage, or getting into a bikini for the first time, being the woman they were 20 years ago, or becoming someone they have never been before. I feel so blessed to work with so many passionate and inspiring women.

Question: Do you have a morning routine? Can you share with us your daily rituals?

Hattie Boydle: First thing I do every day is meditate. I don't turn my phone off aeroplane mode till this is done.
I also say incantations to myself.
I like to set my day up with me, so once I have done my mediation I will go get a coffee - do a post if I want to. Then head to the gym. Once that is done I turn my work phone on and have the rest of the day to help my girls.

Question: What would we find in your gym bag?

Hattie Boydle: Earphones, booty bands, deodorant, heart rate monitor, make up, hair elastics and money!

Interview by Brooke Hunter



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