Boost Your Immunity

Boost Your Immunity

Dietitian and Founder of The Australian Superfood Co, Hayley Blieden shares her tips to boost immunity:

1. Eat the rainbow: A diet high in fruits and vegetables is the best boost to the body. Also avoid processed foods
2. Exercise regularly: Even if you are feeling sick, slow movement is better than none at all
3. Stay hydrated: Ensuring you are drinking adequate amounts of water enables your body to stay hydrated and can aid in flushing out toxins
4, Get adequate sleep: This is the time your body reboots
5. Meditate: Enabling your mind to slow down, reduces the stress on your nervous system and enables your body to function at its optimum
6. Wash your hands: Coughing in to your shoulder or elbow, sneezing in to a tissue and regularly washing your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds is necessary to avoiding germs
7. A recent study led by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that supplementation with a probiotic/vitamin C combination may be beneficial in the prevention and management of upper respiratory tract infection.

Created by a qualified dietitian, The Australian Superfood Co's Vitamin C Booster is 100 per cent wholefood blend, expertly combining Vitamin C with pre and probiotics to deliver a scientifically-proven daily dose of goodness.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash