HotDoc Screens Over 600k Patients

HotDoc Screens Over 600k Patients

HotDoc, Australia's largest patient Engagement Platform announced today that changes to its software have screened over 600,000 patients for COVID-19. HotDoc also announced it has updated its patient booking software, allowing isolated patients access to medical advice, by making use of the Medicare item for telehealth consultations, created in response to COVID-19.

"We have worked hard to make sure clinics can still offer patients continuity of care, even if they are isolated due to COVID-19 or eligible to access Telehealth under the new TeleHealth Medicare item number", said CEO Ben Hurst.

"By helping to facilitate TeleHealth we are also helping protect our front line medical staff from the highly contagious COVID-19 by ensuring those infected or in isolation can still see their regular GP, without attending a GP Clinic."

HotDoc's software prompts patients who meet eligibility criteria to call the practice or book a Telehealth Phone Consult instead of a standard consultation and ensures up to date contact details are registered to enable the TeleHealth consult.

"Our solution ensures medical centres are equipped to provide telehealth appointments with a workflow that's as easy as possible for them and their patients during this time when they're already overloaded."

Concern those at risk do not know about TeleHealth

Luke Meehan, HotDoc's Senior Product Manager stressed the need to awareness around the new Telehealth item number: "We're concerned that the general public who are at risk of COVID-19, don't know these telehealth items exist. That's why we've changed our triage flow to direct at-risk patients to book a telephone consult"

"We're also working on solutions for patients who don't meet Medicare eligibility criteria but would still prefer a Telehealth consultation. An upcoming version of HotDoc will support privately paid Telehealth consults with payment taken during the booking."

"We believe these measures will help raise public awareness of the new Telehealth rebates while ensuring practices can confidently bulk-bill fully screened and eligible patients."

HotDoc's COVID-19 Screen has reached over 600,000 patients

Since introducing comprehensive COVID-19 screening in the HotDoc app last week, these measures have resulted in over 600,000 patients going through screening, reducing the risk of exposure for both patients and healthcare professionals across Australia.

"These screening measures mean those in need of medical attention related to COVID-19 have been directed to the relevant area while ensuring our front line health staff in GP clinics are protected from those who may have the virus," said Luke Meehan, HotDoc's Senior Product Manager.


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash