How to prepare delicious smoked briskets

How to prepare delicious smoked briskets

How to prepare delicious smoked briskets

Briskets are nowadays widely available to the annals of the works but for the diligent home cooks, they are still off-limits. Though the finger-licking cuts that are popularized among the restaurants are quite intimidating, deal for the home cooks. Initially, the reason behind this obscurity is the sheer size as it is shipped like this from the packaging house. Every home cook would be dreaded to cook the massive cut of 18 to 19 pounds of meat at the first attempt. Second is the anatomy of meat which makes it slow cook at low flame, it takes a whole day to grill the meat if you want proper tenderness. Then there's also some gear issues. All these mind-boggling stuff urges you to cut the hassles and order it directly through the uber eats( the idea seems thrilling, isn't it).

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Still, be relieved because barbecuing brisket in the backyard is not as daunting as you may think. The ingredients are quite simple like salt, pepper, wood smoke, and beef, and that's all. Also, highly upgraded smokers are not much required. A propane grill under 300, an ordinary kettle grill, or a ceramic cooker can aptly serve the purpose.

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You know practice makes a man perfect, and this salty, crispy, smoky, crust encasing moist, luscious, and finger-licking meat is unequivocally worth the effort. Here for your convenience, I have distilled the whole process in simple steps.

● As a beginner, you should go for a brisket with 12 to 13 pounds range as it is the perfect size to fit in the grill. After that, trim off excess fat from the top layer and remember to leave ¼ layer of fat. This will keep your brisket moist amid a long grilling process. You have to sprinkle a few tablespoons of rub on the brisket. After that, it is up to you whether to keep it in the fridge to let the rub penetrate the brisket or grill it right away for a slow cook.
● Don't be obsessive about the smoker type you are going to opt for; whether it be a weber smokey mountain or simple backyard charcoal-burner, both will do a fine job in providing a constant stream of temperature and smoke.
● Briskets are cooked into two phases first is setting the bark and flavoring the meat, which produces a reddish band known as a smoke ring just below the surface. In the second phase, the cooking completes, rendering the meat into soft gelatin. You don't need to hover over the meat during this time; just keep a check on it every 50 minutes.
● As a home cook, you should maintain a temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit for the slow brisket cook. Start the temperature with 125 degrees Fahrenheit, and after that, increase the heat gradually.
● When your brisket reaches the temperature of 145 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit, its time to wrap it into the butcher wrap, you can also opt for the parchment paper, just avoiding plastic-lined butcher paper. This will help to soak the excess steam from the brisket leaving it more tender and crispy.
● There are many ways to check whether your brisket has been cooked or not. First is you can just hold the meat from one end and then jiggle the rightly cooked meat will shake like jelly. Secondly, you can hold the meat from both ends while wearing insulating gloves. If the beef bends from the middle, then it is rightly cooked.
● After spending much time in trimming and seasoning the brisket keep it in the insulated cooler for 2 to 3 hours, which will give it a much tender touch.



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