Put an end to 'impromptu' shopping trips for tampons

How many times have you felt those telltale signs, and realised you have no tampons or pads?

We're all intelligent, modern women, but how is it we are so often unprepared for something that happens every month? After a girl's weekend away, where the subject of being caught out came up, Melbourne businesswoman Paula Rodgers set up service company impromptu in 2007.

In her first blog in October last year, Paula discussed how she and her friends had discussed how they scrambled for tampons and pads each month.

"Frantically searching through handbags and drawers, cursing ourselves because getting our period today was hardly a surprise. After 15+ years in our late 20s/early 30s you think we'd have learnt by now! By this time in life you've got some regularity. We're even on the pill for God's sake so it's laid out, every morning, in raised bubble packs and colour-coded days. And we're all successful modern day women. We're organised career women. Multi-taskers!

But for some reason you just always assume there's one left over. Yet for some reason it always catches you off guard. As I said we're multi-taskers, busy women, trying to juggle multiple commitments and getting your period is not high on the priority list of things to always be thinking about. But when it arrives and you're not prepared you sometimes wish you hadn't forgotten to check how many tampons were left."

So the seed had been sown in Paula's mind and impromptu was launched soon afterwards.

impromptu offers women a reliable and convenient online service, from which they can buy Vixen condoms, Moxie and Cottons tampons, pads and liners, and Comforts incontinence products made by Australian-owned companies - all from the anonymous comfort of their own home.

"After talking with my friends about how often we were caught out when our periods started, I started thinking about how I could help women plan better for such a regular, expected event," Paula said.

"I set up impromptu to give women the convenience of having a service they could rely on to deliver tampons, pads, condoms and incontinence products when they needed them.

"There is no other service like this in Australia or New Zealand and it gives customers peace of mind to get on with their lives, confident they'll never have to make an impromptu dash to the shops to stock up again," she said.

Customers in Australia and New Zealand can choose to purchase all offered products as needed, or use impromptu's unique personalised subscription service to order tampons, pads and liners delivered to their individual schedule. This means no more hunting through your handbag or drawers for tampons left over from your last period!

All impromptu needs to know is what you'd like to order and when and your personal subscription will be delivered directly to your door. Setting up an impromptu account is easy and your regular order can be accessed and updated by your unique user name and password.

impromptu offers more than an ordering and subscription service - Paula offers advice on how to use tampons correctly and passionate about women's issues. She uses her online presence to discuss important issues affecting modern-day women, such as cervical cancer, breast cancer, sex research and female contraception at

The definition of impromptu is, "prompted by the occasion rather than being planned in advance". Paula chose this as the name for her business to give her customers the confidence to forget about planning for their period and put an end to stressful dashes to the supermarket for tampons and pads.

impromptu truly does deliver the confidence to forget. For more information or to place an order log on to or

Paula welcomes feedback, requests and comments, which can be left on her website, blog or her pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Besides being a successful female entrepreneur, Paula also works full-time in marketing for an IT giant. Now based in Melbourne, this kiwi girl is a savvy businesswoman solving some of the small problems women regularly face.