Julie Montagu Countess of Sandwich Interview

Julie Montagu Countess of Sandwich Interview

BFree's wellness wraps come in three delicious range of flavours: 


Quinoa and Chia Seed with Teff and Linseed 

Sweet Potato Wrap


BFree Wellness Wraps created by Julie Montagu

Each BFree wrap recipe contains ingredients that help restore wellness to the areas that have never mattered more.


Skin Care Wrap


White Beans

Red Cabbage

Vinegar and Lemon

Red onion


Mindfulness Wrap

Feta Cheese

Parsley and Mint



Chicken Strips


Energy Wrap

Brown Rice

Light Tuna Chunks

Spring Onion




Gut Health Wrap

Salmon (Cooked)



'I am so passionate about BFree's products and the exclusive health benefits they offer. As an avid foodie, I fully understand the impacts that gluten can have on the gut. If you ignore your gut, you're ignoring your body and your body always finds ways to let you know exactly what's going on" Julie says.


Trust your gut and let BFree and Lady Sandwich take you back to the days where a lunch selection was perfectly affordable, simple and guilt free #wellwrapped


www.au.befreefoods.com are available at Woolworths and fine retailers throughout Australia.

Interview with Julie Montagu, Countess of Sandwich

Question: What inspired your passion for health?

Julie Montagu: My inspiration behind my passion for health came from my four kids and husband. My husband was unwell for several years and my kids were eating terribly at school, at home and well, everywhere we went it was packets of crisps and sweets. I was exhausted from being a mother to four young children; I knew that I had do something as I couldn't let it stay like this. And so, on the one hand, I wanted to see if I could maybe help heal my husband and on the other hand, I wanted my four kids to eat better. So I began a journey of self-study on all things related to food.

I looked at what foods could help with energy, moods, inflammation, digestion, focus and so on. And, then I started to cook with these ingredients and really started to notice that not only was I feeling better but so was my entire family.

Question: What is mindful eating?

Julie Montagu: For me, mindful eating is really about switching off. In our modern day, hectic lives we lead we have become consumed with checking our emails, our phones, watching TV while we eat and I started to notice that even at restaurants people were sitting with each other but not even communicating because they were on their devices. I say get rid of all devices when eating. Put all digital devices in another room so that you can switch off, even if it's for 10 minutes. Those 10 minutes of switching off will have huge benefits to the body and mind. Once switched off and all devices far away, that's where the mindful eating begins; taking one bite, chewing it completely, noticing the tastes and really enjoying every single bite.

Question: What inspired you to begin eating gluten-free?

Julie Montagu: I noticed that after I ate something that contained gluten my stomach would bloat and frankly, I felt really tired. So, I decided to cut gluten out completely for 28 days to see what would happen and wow, not only did I feel better but so did my stomach.

Question: What advice do you have for Australians who want to begin living a gluten free life?

Julie Montagu: My view is to just cut it out completely, as I did, for 28 days. It takes 28 days to create a habit and 28 days to break one. After those 28 days, see if you feel better and if so, I bet you'll make sure you try to keep gluten out of your diet once and for all.

Question: Can you talk us through the recipes you developed for energy, wellness mindfulness and skincare?

Julie Montagu: I made sure that each wrap had a specific ingredient that would aid in energy, gut health, mindfulness and skin.

For the skincare wrap:
Some people love to put avocado on their skin to moisturise and refreshen their appearance. However, eating avocados is a much more delicious way to enjoy them!

Avocados are great because they contain both poly and monounsaturated fats - both of which protect your skin!

These tasty fruits are also bursting with antioxidants, such as lutein, vitamin C and vitamin E. Lutein is known to improve the elasticity of the skin, whereas vitamin C is essential for collagen production, and vitamin E protects the skin against UV light.

For the mindfulness wrap:
Green leafy vegetables are great when considering mindfulness as they contain exciting levels of folate. This essential vitamin produces dopamine, which is one of the feel-good, pleasure-inducing brain chemicals!

When dopamine is released into your system, it is much easier to stay calm and to feel peaceful and relaxed - making mindfulness much easier to embrace.

For the energy wrap:
Brown rice is so great for energy levels because it is a slow release carbohydrate. This means that it keeps energy levels and blood sugar levels more consistent.

Brown rice is also a great source of magnesium - a deficiency in which can quickly zap your energy levels!

For the gut health wrap:
Yoghurt contains probiotics which are great for the health of your gut. These friendly bacteria are already naturally present in your digestive system! And, increasing their presence is great for boosting the immune system and enhancing digestive health.

There are many different types of yoghurt available, but it's worth avoiding those with added sugars if you truly want to enhance the health of your gut!

Question: What has encouraged you to visit Australia?

Julie Montagu: I was super lucky to visit Australia as I am the brand ambassador for BFree. I completely believe in all that BFree stands for, their amazing and wholesome ingredients used in their gluten-free products and I wanted to share my passion with Australia! I actually can't wait to come back as I can officially say that Australia is my new favourite country.

Question: Do you have a morning routine?

Julie Montagu: Yes! Legs up the wall pose (well, against my bed) and some breath work for a total of two minutes - I time it on my iPhone. Followed by a quick round of Sun Salutations and a big mug of my favourite green tea with some coconut yogurt, chia seeds and berries. Then kids off to school and I'm on my bike!

BFree Wraps are available Australia wide at Woolworths

Interview by Brooke Hunter



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