Karlee O'Donnell Miss Country Girl Australia Interview

Karlee O'Donnell Miss Country Girl Australia Interview

The Miss Country Girl Australia finals were held in November at a lavish event aboard the Bella Vista which cruised around the elegant Sydney Harbour.

30 girls made it to the finals; after Country Girl Australia travelled to over 20 regional communities were 1500 girls were initially chosen to represent their regions.

The youngest of the girls, Karlee O'Donnell (Miss Bendigo) was the winner, at age 14.

The event was sponsored by Toni & Guy, Seafolly, Chic Management, Dally's Models, Face TV, Bodyography, the Actor's Pulse, the Laser Lounge, dcm Blue and Miss Teen Australia.

The runners up were:
2nd Place was Michaela Swamy, (Miss Shell Harbour)
3rd Place was Miss Lauren Haynes (Miss Albany, WA)

Interview with Karlee O'Donnell

Question: What originally inspired you to enter, to become, Miss Bendigo?

Karlee O'Donnell: My best friend, Chelsea entered and we are both really keen to become models, together- that's our dream; so together we entered the competition.

Question: Can you talk about your initial experience with becoming Miss Bendigo?

Karlee O'Donnell: I was very shocked about the way it happened; I believed it would be a small audience but the whole town was there because it was in our local Mall. It was a very good experience because everyone was out to watch. At first it was a little bit nerve-wracking but then it was a really good experience. I won Miss Bendigo.

Question: What preparation went into attending Sydney for the final of Miss Country Girl Australia?

Karlee O'Donnell: I had to practice a lot of walking and talking because we were asked questions and I organised a portfolio for any agencies.

Question: What question were you asked during the Miss Country Girl Australia competition?

Karlee O'Donnell: The question I was asked was "Where do you see yourself in the next five years?"
I said, I'd hopefully like to have graduated High School and be in a gap year by then, to be having fun and have a modeling job.

I would like to finish High School, I'm not going to say I'd never give up for modeling, but at the moment, I wouldn't give up school because finishing is really important and I want an education.

Question: How does it feel to be crowned Miss Country Girl Australia?

Karlee O'Donnell: It was the greatest moment, of my life, so far.

Question: Were you surprised to have won, seeing as you were the youngest girl in the competition?

Karlee O'Donnell: I was the youngest in the competition so I had no idea that it was coming!

Question: What responsibilities come with the title of Miss Country Girl Australia?

Karlee O'Donnell: I have to have a lot of maturity now. I have learnt to be mature, especially because I went to Sydney, alone. The first night I spent in Sydney I was alone, without my Mum. I was with all of the other competitors, but my Mum was still unsure about the trip; I had to prove that I was mature so that she would let me attend.

Question: What do you hope comes from winning this title? Do you have plans for the future?

Karlee O'Donnell: I have signed with Chic Management, a modeling agency and I have to watch, what I am doing at all times and act in a mature manner. I am going back to Sydney in the near future to have a photo-shoot with Chic Management, which will be really good.

I want to get into modeling, in the future.

Question: What prizes did you win, when you became Miss Country Girl Australia?

Karlee O'Donnell: I won an interview and a photo-shoot with Chic Management and I had to prove myself during the interview, luckily they signed me, from the interview. I also won accommodation with a hotel, hair products, beauty and skincare and flowers, from Roses Only.

I can be contacted via Chic Management, their website is www.chicmanagement.com.au

Question: Do you have any advice for other girls, entering competitions, like this?

Karlee O'Donnell: Enter them with open eyes and go in to have fun; it is important not to take it too seriously, because when you take it too seriously, the judges know. Nobody wants a girl who's only in it to win it. The judges want a girl who is dedicated and wants to win but always wants to have fun with it.

Interview by Brooke Hunter

Images by: Julie York of Trident Images


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