Koéna Skin Care Pack

Koéna Skin Care Pack

Koena Self Care Kit

Scientific-based skincare brand, Koèna, have launched its Self Care Set just in time for Christmas! Featuring its iconic Koéna Moisturiser, Koéna Cleaner, Koéna Clay Mask and a Bonus Face Towel, the set is the perfect gift - even for the fussiest of shoppers. 

The pack that'll ensure you take your self care to the next level. Each set includes:

  1. Koéna Daily Dermaceutical Moisturiser
  2. Koéna Gentle Cleanser
  3. Koéna Australian Clay Mask
  4. Free face towel made by our friends at Towelling Stories (not available instore, while stocks last)

RRP: $99.95


You'll find that all Koèna products are:

  • Suitable for sensitive skin including eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis prone skin
  • pH balanced
  • With no added fragrance
  • Australian developed, owned & made


The best part is that Koéna is a social enterprise, with 100% of profit from the sale of all products going to charity, Empower Overseas Aid. The perfect guilt free gift.



There are many skincare products that claim to help eczema, psoriasis or irritated skin, but the Koena skin care really does work.  Apply to red, itchy skin for instant cooling relief, and keep it in the fridge if you really like to cool skin down.  Koena effectively repairs severe dryness and cracking, while remove the itchy irritation that over dry skin can cause.

Use it 3 times a day to nourish your dry red skin, and you will quickly notice a decrease in redness and less irritation.

This is the first skincare I've seen work effectively on the harsh effects of Roaccutane (a prescription pimple treatment that dries out the skin).

It's also really effective on rash areas that appear from shaving or waxing to calm an nourish the skin, effectively preventing ingrown hairs.

Koena is not just for eczema, psoriasis or dermatologically challenged skin, it's also a great to repair over sanitised and excessive soap washing that has become the norm in today's environment.

If you are looking to reduce irritation, redness and inflammation or just restore dry cracked or flaky skin, you will be really happy with Koena, it's a real gem.