KYN Texture Spray

KYN Texture Spray


Say hello to your new Summer Best Friend: KYN's Texture Spray.


This Texture Spray is like your curling wand, but its. So. Much. Better.


It is a natural curl booster, meaning you can add curl to your hair WITHOUT any heat – just spray all over, focusing on your roots and mid-lengths of your hair and air dry.


Plus, it adds shine, soothes an itchy scalp and creates volume.


KYN's Texture Spray will add fun into your hair (life) without worrying about breaking, and will be there for you when you need a calming presence. See? Just like your Best Friend.


Review: This Kyn Texture Spray really works on fine hair that curls tend to fall out of time and time again. Gives it the extra strength it needs to hold curls longer while adding a nice sheen to your hair for a salon look, very impressed.


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