Lior Suchard Australian Tour Interview

Lior Suchard Australian Tour Interview

Lior Suchard Australian Tour Interview

Lior is a master mentalist whose ability to read minds has stunned people all over the world. His shows at the Sydney Opera House in May this year were sold out performances and had audiences enthralled. He's travelled all around the world and stunned people with the simple tricks to the strange. From reading the mind of Jon Bon Jovi, to Larry King and performing for the Backstreet Boys, he's definitely seen it all.

Due to popular demand, Lior is coming back to perform on Aussie soil – in four cities beginning late January in Melbourne, heading to Brisbane, then Perth and finishing in Sydney in February.

Interview with Lior Suchard

Question: What should Australians expect from the upcoming shows?

Lior Suchard: Nothing they have seen before – and that includes the people who came to my last shows in Sydney! I am continually working to create a performance that truly stretches people's minds, by using the power of my own.

I think it's easy for people to be sceptical, but it just takes a couple seconds with me for them to realise that this isn't a trick, but instead a true performance! I can promise you one thing- the show will blow people away and they will never forget it! It's going to be an interactive show with entire audience participation. The show will be on the stage, off the stage, in to the audience and will include many surprises.

Question: What do you remember from Australian audiences, in May?

Lior Suchard: One of the reasons that I'm coming back in January 2016 is because after that 8 show run at the opera house, my team and I received hundreds of emails and Facebook messages from people wanting to see more - and asking why I only came out for just a short time. The shows went so great that people were talking about it all the time. No one could believe that what I was doing was real! There were quite a few sceptics at first – but I love a sceptic! It means that the performance will be even more exciting for them because they will leave with their opinion changed. I also remember Australians love to say -no worries' and I would always say -you should be worried – I can read your mind!'.

Question: Are you able to share with us any information about how you read minds?

Lior Suchard: The mind is a very powerful thing – and I don't think people understand just how powerful it can be. I realised I had this talent at a very young age. I continued to work on it because I knew it was something that not everyone had. I always say – it's not that I know what people are thinking, it's that I know HOW people are thinking, and by knowing that, I can do many things. I know how people's minds work and I know all the 'switches". Once you know that – you can influence thoughts and know what they are thinking before they think about it....think about it...

If people could understand the power of focus – of truly pointing the mind to a task or ability, then they will understand how I do it. I actually wrote about this in my book -Mind Reader', because I wanted people to understand the power of the human mind. However, I do say that everyone can learn to play the piano – but not everyone can be as good as Mozart! But even so , you can defiantly use more from your hidden potential; of your mind. And I hope to inspire my audience at the shows.

Question: When did you first discover your talent for reading minds?

Lior Suchard: I realised I had these talents at six years old. I wasn't reading minds straight away, but I had strong intuition, and could pick up if someone was lying, or if someone was essentially good or bad very quickly. I worked on these abilities and that's where I got where I am today. Then I started to play mind games and I was right all the time. From: think of a number from 1 to 10 it became: think of a number from 1 to 100 and today: think of any number you want. I use a variety of technics from psychology, non-verbal communication, and sensitive intuition, deduction and many more underground techniques to create my experiments on stage.

Question: Which is your favourite 'trick' to perform?

Lior Suchard: I wouldn't call what I do tricks – I am not tricking anybody into anything. Instead I am just doing what I do best – reading minds and influencing peoples thoughts. I do this in a very funny way and the comedy is a huge part of it. The whole show is a big paradox where at the end everything is connected in an impossible matter. There will be mind reading, mind influencing, predictions, and many cool mind games where I play with people, where I ask them to think of a number and I guess it, or I guess their first kiss – those are the ones that I like the most. They are simple, but they are effective! And gives less chance for people to think I am tricking them!

Question: Can you tell us about what it was like performing your art on Jon Bon Jovi?

Lior Suchard: I love Jon Bon Jovi – I am a good friend with David Bryan, the keyboardist for Bon Jovi. They have seen me perform a few times but they are still amazed! That's why I love it.

Question: You've performed for many celebrities; who was a standout and why?

Lior Suchard: I find different celebrities act differently. Gerard Butler loved it and still tells people about it, while Jay Leno actually got angry with me – and frustrated! I don't think being a celebrity changes how they react. What I do is very specific and is a talent that very few people in the world have, so when I use it, and I find things out that people – especially people who are trying to keep their private lives private – it definitely gives them a shock! In saying that it was a highlight performing at Leonardo DiCaprio's Foundation's Charity Dinner this year, what a crowd! I revealed Sylvester Stallone first love and after everyone was shocked I guessed his wife's first love!

Interview by Brooke Hunter

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