Messina and Australian Mangoes

Messina and Australian Mangoes

The coolest collaboration of the season is here, with two iconic must-haves, Australian Mangoes and Messina, joining forces to create the gelato flavour of the season.

In a bid to support Aussie farmers bounce back from a challenging year, with the impacts of COVID-19 and adverse weather conditions, Messina is adding a new semi permanent 'Mangoes & Cream' flavour to their cabinets.

The Mangoes & Cream flavour uses delicious Kensington Pride mangoes in the gelato, which is layered with whipped cream when it's churned fresh in store. Messina predicts that over 100kg of KP mangoes will be used for the new gelato flavour each week.

"We're obsessed with using the very best produce we can get our hands on, and already use the freshest Kensington Pride's from Far North Queensland for our existing sorbets, so we're more than happy to add another flavour to our cabinets using the delicious fruit. We've been using Australian KP mangoes from the very start, as taste wise, for us they just can't be beaten." said Donato Toce, Messina Head Chef and Co-Owner.

"Aussie's love nothing more than a juicy Australian Mango on a hot day, however this season we had the idea of making the summer treat even better, supporting Aussie mango growers at the same time.", said Australian Mangoes spokesperson, Matthew Dwyer.

"We reached out to another Aussie icon in Messina to create the ultimate collaboration just in time for summer," Said Mr Dwyer

Aussies are urged to get in quick to try this season's must-have summer treat, hitting Messina's gelato cabinets across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra for this summer only.

Currently, the Kensington Pride (also known as the Bowen), Calypso®, R2E2, and Honey Gold varieties are fresh and in season, while the Keitt, Palmer and Kent varieties will be available from January.