Nando's The Great Pretender

Nando's The Great Pretender

There's a first for everything and Nando's high-protein 'fake chicken' patty, the Great Pretender, is just that - the first plant-based chicken alternative to launch in any Fast-Casual Dining restaurant or Fast Food brand in Australia

While 2020 may or may not be a resolution write-off, 47% of Aussies are still hoping to tick 'eat less meat' off their list (trust us, we did our research*). PERi-PERi legends, Nando's, have made those meat-free goals even more achievable by bringing four new plant-powered feeds to the table.

Never shy of giving the people what they want, Nando's faux-chicken, the Great Pretender has been released to the masses alongside the aesthetic Power Up Bowl, supercharged Superfood Veggie Patty and spicy PERi-PERi Grilled Broccolini – all now available nationally after hugely successful state-based trials.

Nando's Head of Food, Mario Manabe, said the Great Pretender has a very similar texture to a chicken patty, including coarseness, colour and juiciness, and even caramalises and smells like meat when being grilled. "The Great Pretender combines Nando's signature ingredients like lemon, herbs and garlic, which all pair so well with our Nando's African Birds Eye Chilli. It packs the PERi-PERi punch that Nando's fans love, making it an ideal choice if you're opting for a meat-free meal, and craving something tasty."

"The Great Pretender is ideal for flexitarians or meat eaters who simply fancy a day off. We want our customers to enjoy the flexibility of opting for a meat-free Nando's feed, without compromising on our legendary flavour," Mario said.

"Sensory testing showed us that those who'd never eaten plant-based meat alternatives or were perhaps a bit hesitant to give 'fake meat' a go, really liked the Great Pretender and said they'd eat it again. While we've added some cheek to the name, there's absolutely no pretending about its delicious taste. It's an awesome plant-based chicken alternative and after a hugely successful trial in Queensland, we can't wait for the rest of Australia to sink their teeth in," he added.

Made from wheat and pea protein, the Great Pretender can substitute chicken or the Superfood Veggie Patty in any burger, wrap, pita, salad or paella for an additional $1, making it super easy for those giving flexitarianism a whirl.

It's time for the humble acai bowl to step aside and make room for the flavour packed Power Up Bowl. It not only looks the part, it's packed with nutrition, texture and taste, with wholesome ingredients like black rice, flame roasted baby peppers, cherry tomatoes, avocado and mixed leaves, drizzled with roasted tomato and mild chilli dressing. It's also topped with a sprinkle of mixed seeds for some extra crunch.

Coming to an Insta feed near you, the Power Up Bowl is delicious by itself for just $10.95 without added protein, $15.95 with the Superfood Veggie Patty or PERi-PERi grilled chicken tenders and $16.95 with the Great Pretender.

Not just your run-of-the-mill veggie option, Nando's Superfood Veggie Patty is loaded with all the good stuff like tri-colour quinoa, red lentils, black beans, kale, chia seeds and veggies – it's basically the patty equivalent of Mum sneaking extra veg into Bolognese but it still tasting amazing. The Superfood Veggie Patty can be subbed into any burger, wrap or pita at no extra cost – so there's really no excuse not to try it on for size.

Finally, while it's hard to say no to a side of PERi-PERi chips, PERi-PERi Grilled Broccolini has landed to give the crowd favourite a run for its money. Available at a steal for just $3.95 (regular) or $5.95 (large), this fresh staple is one of the leanest and greenest ways to get your Nando's fix. Safe to say chicken and broc' never tasted so good.

The Great Pretender, Power Up Bowl, Superfood Veggie Patty and PERi-PERi Grilled Broccolini are available now at all Nando's restaurants across the country. Quite frankly, it'd be rude not to check them out.

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