National No Decay Day

National No Decay Day


Did you know an astounding 45.9 percent of Australians brush their teeth only once or less per day?!![1] That means nearly half the population has more tooth decay than those who brush twice or more on a daily basis, not to mention bad breath and an awful smile!

Surely us Aussies can do better than that. So to help jolt everyone into action, Australia's most trusted oral care provider, Colgate, is launching National No Decay Day on Monday April 14 to encourage people to brush twice a day and remind them why it's important to look after their oral hygiene.

Dr. Barbara Shearer, Scientific Affairs Manager and resident dentist for Colgate, believes National No Decay Day will really help to educate Australians on the importance of brushing twice or more daily.

"It sounds like a simple act, brushing your teeth twice a day, however surprisingly almost half the population doesn't do it! Often it's the nighttime brush which gets left out, and this is actually the most important time because when you sleep, saliva decreases leaving the teeth more vulnerable to bacterial acids. Brushing before bed removes the build-up of food and plaque from throughout the day to give your teeth the best chance of remaining healthy," says Shearer.

"The morning brush is just as important however, and so National No Decay Day is the perfect reminder for all Australians to revert back to their good habits of brushing twice daily to ensure their oral health stays on the right track and they keep a great smile," she concludes.

Colgate continues to strive in their quest to improve the oral health of all Australians, with National No Decay Day forming part of a new Colgate consumer education campaign taking place nationally in Coles supermarkets between 14 April and 11 May, 2008.

It really is as straightforward as brushing teeth twice a day in order to radically reduce the chance of tooth cavities. Colgate Total toothpaste and a Colgate 360 toothbrush are a great combination to ensure a total mouth clean every time you brush, keeping your teeth and gums protected longer.

So c'mon people! This Monday April 14 don't forget to brush twice on National No Decay Day, and every other day too, because one set is all you get.

A healthy, great looking smile or decayed, rotting teeth.... the choice is yours!

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