LCEF launch No Limits for Girls in Melbourne

LCEF launch No Limits for Girls in Melbourne

LCEF launch 'No Limits for Girls' in Melbourne

Last month, the award winning -Life Changing Experiences Foundation' (LCEF), that manages -The SISTER2sister' mentoring program for -at risk teens', has extended their reach into Melbourne by launching the -No Limits for Girls' program.


The SISTER2sister program , a year-long mentoring and counselling program for young women at risk due to issues such as neglect, abuse, self-harm and depression has to date improved the lives of over 300 vulnerable teenage girls.


No Limits for Girls is a new program designed for Year 7 students, and will be delivered by the organization in a school setting. A recent study by the Department of Health found that 25.9% of adolescent females had very high or high levels of psychological distress.[1] Through their extensive work, LCEF has observed that young girls in Australia are particularly vulnerable in their transition between childhood and adulthood as their increased independence can cause new challenges and risks.


To that end, it is critical for a young girl to feel supported and to foster personal growth during this development stage. Many girls face numerous challenges in their life such as social and cultural pressures, and this program has the ability to increase their resilience, emotional intelligence and stress management skills.


The program is designed as a series of half-day workshops delivered twice per term over 3 terms, with the number of students per session limited to 36. School counsellors and year coordinators at each participating school are currently identifying at risk girls who will benefit from this program. The topics that are covered include feelings and reactions, listening to the -inside me' and establishing that there are no limits for girls. The program provides an opportunity for girls to share their experiences, identify stress and fear reactions, and learn how to use protective behaviours in different situations. At the conclusion of the program, extensive follow up will be undertaken with each girl to ensure their progress continues. 


Founder and CEO at LCEF, Jessica Brown says, 'We hope these half-day workshops will enable Year 7 students to feel supported and educated during this crucial developmental stage of their life. Furthermore, giving students the ability to listen to each other's' experiences will allow them to feel safe and connect on a deeper level. SISTER2sister has had a lasting impact on many adolescents' lives and we hope this initiative has the same effect throughout these young girls' schooling life". 


Director and Chair of the LCEF Melbourne Management Committee, Susi Collas, says, 'We want young girls to feel empowered, respected & confident and equipped to make the most of opportunities that they have ahead of them, which is what makes me so excited about this program".


Chloe, a current Year 7 student involved in the program said, 'It was great to realise I wasn't alone and that there are other people out there like myself!'.


No Limits for Girls launched at Wyndham Central College. In order for this program to reach a number of schools, the program will require funding for the workshops.  The Foundation is encouraging local businesses or individuals to donate or sponsor the workshops as it will enable the program to improve the lives of many vulnerable teenage girls. To donate, please visit


Furthermore, LCEF hold a number of fundraising initiatives that individuals can get involved with. For anyone interested in providing support, please visit for more information.


Life Changing Experiences Foundation has transformed the lives of hundreds of girls through its core initiative, the SISTER2sister program, over the last decade. Their primary purpose is to provide Australia's most marginalised girl's access to mentoring and resilience based programs whilst providing them with life changing opportunities, welfare support and career direction.


For further information on No Limits for Girls visit or Life Changing Experiences Foundation visit