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Phoebe Monahan AFLW and XBlades Interview

XBlades has launched a range of specially-designed women's football boots.

Throwing away the outdated industry attitude of just -shrink it and pink it' XBlades women's boots have been custom created in partnership with footy stars with women's physiological structure in mind.

There's no need for women's footy and rugby players to risk injury, as the XBlades women's boots take into consideration the true shape of women's feet, making a boot that is better fitting and more secure than any alternative.

Interview with Phoebe Monahan

In the 2017 season, Phoebe played for the Greater Western Sydney Giants in the AFLW competition and is also a Team XBlades Athlete.


Question: What inspired your passion for AFL?

Phoebe Monahan: I have always loved running and sport so the two went hand in hand, not to mention growing up with five brothers, a footy fell into my hand constantly.

Question: Can you share your earliest football memory, with us?

Phoebe Monahan: My brothers and I would kick the footy out in the street after school - when we'd hit the powerlines and the old Dutch man across the road would yell at us to go do some arithmetic - this happened regularly.

Question: Who were your sporting heroes?

Phoebe Monahan: Luke Hodge.

Question: Why do you choose to wear XBlades?

Phoebe Monahan: XBlades are the perfect boot for me - they keep me light on my feet whilst maintaining good stability, and they look very slick.

Question: Why is it important to have a specially-designed women's football boot?

Phoebe Monahan: This doesn't apply to me because I wear a men's boot but it's great XBlades is providing access to a women's boot as it is important to encourage female participation.

Question: Can you talk about the challenges you've faced since playing AFLW?

Phoebe Monahan: As its semi-professional trying to balance work, life and my relationships has been my biggest challenge.

Question: What has been the best part about this year's AFLW season?

Phoebe Monahan: Stepping out onto the field in my Guernsey for the first time, surrounded by my Giants family.

Question: How have the massive turn-outs for the AFLW competitions made you feel?

Phoebe Monahan: Excited to see the participation and interest growing and that there's such a diverse mix of people in the crowds - it makes me proud to be a part of!

Question: What do you think the AFLW means to young female players?

Phoebe Monahan: It's something for young girls to aspire to and work towards; it's cool to know now that their dreams can come true.

Question: What's a typical weeks training like, for you?

Phoebe Monahan: Hectic, but enjoyable. Leave for work at 6am, head to training at 3pm, get home by 9.30pm, sleep, repeat.

Question: What would we find in your training bag?

Phoebe Monahan: A donut keychain, zinc, chewy, water bottle, mobility ball, match day ribbon, XBlades boots and of course my training kit.

Question: Can you share your 2018 goals?

Phoebe Monahan: To continue to develop as a person and a footballer - learning life's lessons.

Question: Who's the toughest opponent you've played against?

Phoebe Monahan: When I mark up on Cora Staunton during Forwards vs. Backs drills at training!

Interview by Brooke Hunter



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