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PocJox Fit Kit

PocJox Fit Kit

PocJox, the compression underwear brand with sweat-resistant fitted pockets, has created a new range of exercise kits -For Him' and -For Her' in time for Christmas gift giving.

The Fit Kits include signature PocJox compression half shorts for men or crop tops for women, a Tec-Rope skipping rope and an easy-to-follow skipping routine designed by PocJox founder Matt Chapman. The kits have been created for on-the-go-fitness in the lead
up to Summer. They come packaged in a black gift box ready to put under the Christmas tree.

PocJox compression underwear designs have been a hit with fitness lovers since their launch. The collection includes a unique sweat-resistant dual pocket system that is designed to allow you to train -hands-free' with your mobile phone, credit card and key securely protected in the garment.

'The PocJox Fit Kits have been created for time poor people who want to keep active, those travelling interstate or overseas who can't get to the gym, or others who want to get in a quick workout anywhere, anytime. Skipping is a re-emerging trend in fitness and is the
perfect way to use PocJox given you can listen to your favourite music without the distraction of your mobile jiggling in your pocket. Small items can be stored securely in your PocJox and you can exercise handsfree and get the most out of our skipping workout," says Matt.

The -For Her' Fit Kit is AU$75 and the -For Him' Fit Kit is AU$80. PocJox are compatible with all iPhone models including 6, 6+, 7, 7+ and other android devices of equivalent size.


FOR HIM: PocJox Fit Kit includes:
1 x PocJox® Men's Half Short
1 x Tec-Rope skipping rope (colour: blue)
1 x Scuff (skipping rope protectors)
PocJox founder and fitness specialist, Matt Chapman's top skipping workouts

FOR HER: PocJox Fit Kit includes:
1 x PocJox® Women's Crop Top
1 x Tec-Rope skipping rope (colour: pink)
1 x PocJox wash bag
1 x Scuff (skipping rope protectors)
PocJox founder and fitness specialist, Matt

Chapman's top skipping workoutsPocJox Fit Kits are available now at



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