Royal Moyle Collaboration with Laneway Fest

St Jerome's Laneway Festival

To match the excellent line up of St Jerome's Laneway Festival, this year, Laneway is excited to announce Royal Moyle: a collaboration with Australia's undisputed King of culinary delights, David Moyle.

Chef at Hobart's famous Franklin restaurant and proprietor of Melbourne's hottest new bar Longsong, Moyle will curate food and beverage pairings at the Sydney and Melbourne events. As part of the pairings, Moyle has chosen a selection of current, young and acclaimed chefs, restaurants and mixologists.

In Melbourne on Saturday February 3rd , Laneway festival goers can graze on tasty delights from:
● Longsong, David Moyle
● Embla
● Smith & Daughters
● Harley & Rose

In Sydney, patrons get the best restaurants coming to them at Laneway Festival on Sunday February 4 th from:
● Restaurant Hubert
● Pinbone
● Longsong
● 10 William St

All the food will be succinctly matched with a sensational cocktail selection from master mixologist, Shaun Byrne. Shaun previously worked at the acclaimed Gin Palace for 8 years and is now working as Creator/ Director of Maidenii Vermouth and Marionette Liqueur.

Singapore - Sat 27 January
Auckland - Mon 29 January
Adelaide - Fri 2 February
Melbourne - Sat 3 February
Sydney - Sun 4 February
Brisbane - Sat 10 February
Fremantle - Sun 11 February


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