Scunci Look - Blake Lively

Scunci Look - Blake Lively
Blake Lively has some of the best hair in Hollywood, one of our favourites being at the Green Lantern premiere in Los Angeles. Wearing a white Chanel frock, Blake's hair resembles beachy waves tossed back into a tousled ponytail and a trio of fishtail braids. A gold and diamond floral hair accessory with filigree details topped off the hairstyle for a truly stylish look.

The team at Scunci share how easy it is to recreate Blake's effortless plaited hairstyle.

To begin, part your hair to your preferred side gently run through a good quality styling product to ensure your hair retains the style for its day ahead. Once parted grab a handful of hair from the lower section and tie a Scunci No damage Clear Elastic around the hair. Then grab a smaller handful of hair and begin plaiting into a 'fishtail' style. Repeat this twice over until you have one pony and three braids, make sure you haven't made the braids too neat as you are going for a laid back look. Once you are happy with your messy braid release the pony underneath and style around the braids. When satisfied take your fringe and clip a portion of it at the start of you plaits with a Scunci Bendini Clip. For a neater look, pin your fringe with a few Bobby Pins. Always finish with a light spritz of your favourite flexible hold hair spray.

You can purchase the Bendini Clip (silver, black and bronze) for $7.95, Clear No damage Polyband Elastics for $4.95 and Scunci 90p Grooming Bobby Pins (blonde, brown, black) for $6.95.

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