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Shannan Ponton Orangetheory Fitness Interview

Orangetheory Fitness

Celebrity Trainer Shannan Ponton from The Biggest Loser, has now come full circle to work back in Mosman where he first started his fitness career and is now coaching sessions at Orangetheory Fitness in Mosman.

Interview with Shannan Ponton and Cameron Caswell

Question: Can you tell us what motivated you to work at Orangetheory Fitness?

Shannan Ponton: Growing up in Neutral Bay I've always loved the positive vibe and community spirit that's prevalent in the area. That inclusive spirit is what's needed in a successful gym. I love that everyone is welcome and no one is left behind regardless of their level of fitness.

Question: Orange Theory is known to burn an excessive amount of calories in just one class, how is this achieved?

Cameron Caswell: Through the science of EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption). This a state in the body in which you have pushed it into Oxygen Debt and your body will burn additional calories for up to 36 hours up to the workout to bring your body back to its normal state. Only 12 minutes in the Orange Zone in and Orangetheory Fitness Workout and you have triggered that afterburn!

Question: Does the class also focus on toning?

Cameron Caswell: 100% it does. That is one of the biggest changes we see in our members.

Question: What audience does Orange Theory tailor to?

Cameron Caswell: Orangetheory is perfect for everyone! As you are working to your own individual heart rate zones, you never feel like you are left behind! Everyone gets the same quality of workout, regardless of who you are!

Question: What is a typical class like? How many people attend? How long does each class last?

Cameron Caswell: The typical workout would last for 60 minutes. You would do a combination of strength work for lean muscle toning and cardio (Consisting of Rowers and Treadmills) to burn fat and increase cardio fitness! Participants would rotate between the 3 main areas whilst been coached, motivated and guided by world class coaches! Workouts range in size having up to 30 people, so booking a workout is never a problem.

Question: As a personal trainer yourself, what is it that you love about the Fitness Industry?

Shannan Ponton: I love exceeding the results other trainers get by combining efficient training with effective nutrition and just blowing people's minds with what they can actually do. That still gives me such a buzz.

Question: What is it that you love about working back in Mosman?

Shannan Ponton: I have been in and around the area for nearly 30 years, having moved to Neutral Bay when I was 16 and working in gyms there and in Mosman. If I see my days out changing people's lives in gyms/studios on the North Side I'll be a very happy trainer. I just love it! -

Question: What are some of the major health issues affecting the Australian public today?

Shannan Ponton: Right now weight issues are affecting 70% of the population, that's a scary number! We are turning into a soft society - it's way too easy for people to take the easy option and lay blame or make an excuse rather than pulling their socks up and having a go themselves.

Question: What is it about Orangetheory Fitness Mosman that keeps people coming back?

Cameron Caswell: The main things that keep people coming back are the results and the community! Orangetheory is more than a place to burn a few calories. It is a scientifically engineered workout, focused on results for everyone, from the inside out! Not only that, but we are a family! Orangetheory members support, motivate and challenge each other to be the best version of themselves, all whilst working at the pace that is right for them!

Question: Where do you see the Fitness Indusrty heading?

Cameron Caswell: People want something that is efficient and effective. We are all so busy and don't want to waste time on things that don't work! Technology for precision will be huge! People also want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. A community of likeminded people they can take a journey with together! It's all about more bang for your buck and being a part of a community!

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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