Australian-based Girl Geek Academy, the girl gang teaching one million women to learn technology by 2025, have just announced their acquisition of international initiative 'SheFlies', a suite of programs designed to increase gender equality in drones, space and aviation. 


The programs are designed to celebrate the achievements of women already within the fields and to forge pathways and opportunities for other girls and women to enter and thrive. 


Sarah Moran, CEO and co-founder of Girl Geek Academy, announced the acquisition at the 'World of Drones Congress' on Thursday 26th September, where delegates from across the Asia Pacific region gathered in Brisbane, to connect, collaborate and discuss the latest industry developments, applications and policies. 


Sarah said, "She Flies is our exciting new initiative to increase women representation, capacity and cooperation in the fabulous fields of drones, space and aviation. There is a lot of great work going on above the ground, and some women champions who have greatly contributed to that. We want to celebrate their achievements and showcase not only those who have come before us, but those are next to go."


"When it comes to jobs in the air, women are still enormously outnumbered. For example, women currently account for only around three percent of pilots and one percent of aircraft engineers in the aviation industry globally. We're going to help change this." 


Australia is showing all signs of prioritising these industries in coming years, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison announcing the Federal Government's $150 million dollar budget for involvement in the US Moon and Mars missions. 

Last week, the Australian Space Agency also signed a joint statement of intent with NASA for the two organisations to work together.

Photo: (left to right) Samantha Freebairn from Air Force, Sarah Moran from Girl Geek Academy, & Mikaela Jade from InDigital