SHINE For Life

Self Help for Individuals Needing Encouragement For Life

"SHINE For Life is a nation-wide initiative directly aimed at inspiring, encouraging and empowering each unique individual to embrace, explore and strive toward, their own personal potential."

Everyone was born to SHINE!

The SHINE for Life foundation is a not-for-profit organisation established with the intention of targeting and encouraging self-esteem.

Active on a number of levels, SHINE for Life aims to raise awareness of current social and personal issues, and increase education and support available in order to combat such issues. In doing so, this foundation aims to empower individuals to positively confront challenges, access support, overcome adversities and embrace the many opportunities available to them throughout life.

Essentially, SHINE (Self Help for Individuals Needing Encouragement) for Life is all about raising self-esteem and self-belief in individuals by Sharing our universal similarities, Celebrating our individual diversities, and promoting the unique concept of people helping people, help themselves!

The Shine for Life foundation aims to:

Address the problematic issue of low self-esteem among Australian youth and the profound affect this is having on our current culture i.e. The increased prevalence of drug addiction, alcohol abuse, eating disorders, depression and youth suicide.

Dispel the preconceptions associated with unattainable social standards i.e. body image, lack of career options and relationship status.

Generate initiatives that celebrate our differences and promote the unique value of each individual.

Provide individuals with the opportunity to access a broad range of 'life' skills, tools and experiences that help promote a strong, positive and solid sense of self.

Provide a reference point for individuals to access relevant organisations, associations, information and support services.

Encourage people in need to be active and feel confident, in seeking assistance and advice.

Inspire each individual to make positive and informed decisions, for the benefit of their own future.

Inspire, support and encourage people to embrace, explore and strive towards their own personal potential.

The 'SHINE' School Based Prevention Program

This program is currently being run throughout secondary schools and youth groups. The content of which directly correlates with the Personal Development/Health Development curriculum.

The program focuses upon exploring the common causes behind some of the issues facing young people today, such as drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, peer pressure and unrealistic social expectation, and youth suicide. The program illustrates the enormous role that a strong sense of self-esteem and belief in personal ability plays in everyday decision-making.

Via an inspirational and uplifting format, the basis of the Shine for Life program is to promote the personal and 'life' skills young people require, in order to feel capable of addressing challenges, making informed decisions and positively embracing opportunities to their own personal advantage.

The SHINE for Life program ensures that these objectives are supported by providing each individual with the contact details of available resources, information and support services, within the community, so as to essentially empower students to take control of their own destiny.

All aspects of the SHINE for Life foundation are supported by a comprehensive web site linked with a number of organisations and support services. Appropriate for students, teachers, parents, friends and just about anyone to access. It also contains constantly updated information on women's issues, whilst providing access to a range of relative women's products and services. The web site is available to all and our policy demands that every email will be answered.


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