Youth Depression

Depression - yes even in your Youth.

Understanding depression and the help that is available.

Everyone feels down or sad at times during their life. If these feelings of sadness and depression don't go away and last for more than a couple of weeks then that person may be depressed.

When someone is depressed they may feel a range of things including feeling hopeless or helpless and lose interest in activities that they usually enjoy.

A lack of energy and changes in sleeping and eating patterns may also be signs of depression. Some people will cry a lot or even feel agitated.

When people are suffering from depression they may have morbid thoughts. Some people even feel that it is not worth going on. If someone feels like this, it is important to help them find other was of seeing their situation.

Sometimes people become depressed in response to something in particular and sometimes depression can occur for no apparent reason.

Getting help for depression

Depression can be treated and managed using therapy which may be combined with medication. If someone is feeling depressed they should seek assistance from a GP or community health centre. They may be referred to see a psychologist or psychiatrist if this is necessary. Anti-depressant medication might be prescribed, and it normally takes up to ten days to start working.

Sometimes if people are so depressed that they cannot see any options then they may benefit from being admitted to hospital for a short time while they receive the treatment they need to feel better.

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