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Social 7s Softball Head

Social 7s Softball Head

Batter up! It is time to take to the diamond as Social 7s, a new slow-pitch form of the traditional Softball, makes its mark across Australia. Attempt a home run after a long day in the office this summer by joining your friends on the field in this new social phenomenon.

With national governing body, Softball Australia keen to further expand its popularity, the new form of the much-loved American sport is set to transform the social sports scene with a fresh formula that is fast, entertaining and easy to play. With seven players on each team, Social 7s aims to combine sport and fun, encouraging Australians to get their mates together for a few hours of fun each week!

Drawing on inspiration from the social resurgence of other sports such as mixed netball and lawn bowls, Softball Australia will make it easier than ever to get fit and socialise. With no umpires required, Softball Australia will arrange everything from the location and equipment so all participants need to do is turn up and play ball! Softballers can even register as individuals and a team will be found for them.

'We really want to encourage Aussies to get fit in a relaxed and social atmosphere. It's important to remember that you don't need to be skillful to play; Social 7s is open to everyone, of any ability and teams can be mixed. Its simple rules mean that it is easy to learn and with games under an hour, players can certainly fit a match into their busy lives. So Australia, it's time to grab your mates, an esky full of beverages and batter up!" says Jim Dorash, Softball Australia Marketing Manager.


Moving away from the traditional, regimented rules of classic Softball, Social 7s requires only seven players on the diamond with every player batting each inning as well as a new pitcher each inning. Additionally, the ball is pitched slower which in turn leads to more hits and fielding. It is a high scoring game with every base
counting towards the score. While a Strike Zone Mat is used which means if the pitch lands on the mat, it is a strike.

'With the prospect of heading back to the Olympic Games in 2020, we really want to encourage Aussies to get behind the sport both as Social 7s players and as supporters. We're very lucky to have our women's team sitting at number three (currently sitting behind USA at number one and Japan at number two) in the international softball rankings so now is a better time than ever to support these incredible sportswomen and men!" encourages Jim Dorash.

Softball Australia is the national governing body for softball in Australia. They look out for the interests of all Softball associations, clubs and individual members, who play, coach, officiate and support Softball in Australia.

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