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SomnoDent Sleep Apnea Appliance

SomnoDent Sleep Apnea Appliance

While most people have heard the term -sleep apnea', it appears that the majority don't know what it actually means. A study by Access Economics for Sleep Health Australia reported that while approximately 3-5 per cent of the population suffers from sleep apnea (almost 1.1 million people), only 10 – 20 per cent of these individuals are treated for the problem. As so many people leave it untreated, it is apparent that most Australians are unaware of the serious health risks posed by sleep apnea. It is because of this that SomnoMed, the world's leading medical oral sleep appliance company, aims to raise awareness about the seriousness of sleep apnea, whilst offering a solution with its SomnoDent Sleep Apnea Appliance.

Sleep apnea occurs when breathing stops during sleep. The most common type of sleep apnea, Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), occurs when the airway becomes completely blocked during sleep, usually because the muscles in the back of the throat become too relaxed and block the upper airway. This can cause individuals to wake up throughout the night, meaning that sufferers frequently feel tired. Sleep apnea can also lead to serious health complications including high blood pressure and heart problems.

'People don't realise how common sleep apnea is and how it can impact their health," says Ralf Barschow, CEO of SomnoMed. 'One of the major issues with sleep apnea is that most people don't know that they suffer from it – especially if you sleep on your own."

One of the key indicators of sleep apnea is snoring, however other common symptoms include fatigue, teeth grinding, daytime sleepiness, headaches and poor memory.

'Despite the health risks of sleep apnea, people who suffer from it shouldn't be alarmed," says Barschow. 'There are solutions out there, with SomnoMed offering a comfortable and effective treatment for sleep apnea."

There are several major treatments for sleep apnea. One is a SomnoDent sleep apnea appliance, which is worn at night - similarly to the way one would wear a mouth guard or retainer. The SomnoDent appliance fits over the upper and lower teeth and is custom made for the patient. It works by shifting the position of the jaw so that the airway remains open while the patient is asleep, assisting with sleep apnea. It is the least invasive form of treatment for sleep apnea sufferers.

Another treatment for sleep apnea is a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine. A CPAP machine is a device that pumps air through the nose to ensure that breathing doesn't stop during sleep. While effective, the main issue with the device is that it involves a face mask and can be very uncomfortable for some patients. Some sleep apnea sufferers are also given the option of surgery. 'The first step for people who think they may suffer from sleep apnea is to undertake a sleep study," says Barschow. 'If the test shows that you suffer from sleep apnea, and you are suitable for a SomnoDent, you can contact SomnoMed to organise a consultation."

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