Sweet Guts™ Chocolate

Sweet Guts™ Chocolate

Gevity Rx launches functional chocolate that feeds your gut, not your butt



Life-changing health food brand, Gevity Rx, is pioneering its way in the functional food space with the launch of its new and innovative range of no sugar, prebiotic chocolate - Sweet Guts™.


Originally renowned for being the World's Most Nutrient Dense Bone Broth with its Bone Broth Body Glue™ range, Gevity Rx is an Australian brand on a mission to create a healthier world, and is now turning its focus to also creating fun food that is genuinely healthy.


The new Sweet Guts™ prebiotic chocolate, which will launch in three delicious flavours - Plain, Salted Caramel and Coconut - contains no dairy, no inflammatory ingredients and three types of fibre to optimise gut health, and it is also free from artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, colours or flavours, all of which can wreak havoc on gut health and cause other symptoms, like gas and bloating.


Gevity Rx Co-Founder and CEO Mark Fowler developed the product after seeing a gap in the market where unhealthy choices were being marketed as healthy alternatives in the so-called "healthy" chocolate category, and despite it being very crowded, they don't offer much for the health-conscious consumer.


"There is a lot of misunderstanding around natural sweeteners that are marketed as healthy, such as coconut sugar, coconut nectar, brown rice syrup, the list goes on and on, however, we believe it will raise blood sugar in a way that is not great for long term health."


"Stable blood sugar is important for long-term health and by reducing your sugar intake and increasing prebiotic fibre, you can help to optimise this. To us, Sweet Guts™ became the obvious solution and our tagline rings true - feed your gut, not your butt," he said.


Each 90g bar of Sweet Guts™ chocolate contains more fibre than 1.7kg of broccoli, and unlike other products in the "healthy" chocolate category that contain on average 23x more sugar than Sweet Guts™, the Gevity Rx product contains no added sugars (natural or not) to help regulate blood sugar and insulin levels.


Sweet Guts™ is a game-changing alternative set to shake up the healthy chocolate category will be available online at au.gevityrx.com and retailers, including health food stores and health centres.


Feed your Gut Not your Butt


Review: It's not a cadbury diary milk substitute, tastes more like a 60% dark chocolate with a creamy taste than the bitterness of 85%+ dark chocolate. Also reduces chocolate craving so you don't want as much which is perfect.


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