Thankyou. Forever Bottle Range

Thankyou. Forever Bottle Range

Australian social enterprise Thankyou – known for its creative, purpose-driven approach to home and personal care – is launching its premium range of glass forever bottles. The luxury collection, designed in a tastefully minimalist style, is available in two colours: Frosted Glass and Charcoal Glass. The glass range retails between $17.95 and $27.95 and can be purchased from Thankyou's e-commerce website, with the deodorant glass Forever Bottle range also available in-store at Coles. 


Commenting on the launch, Daniel Flynn, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Thankyou, says, "Thankyou has dominated the supermarket hand and body wash space over recent years; however, the Glass Forever Bottles are about elevating the brand with our most premium, aspirational product ever, made for consumers looking for affordable luxury."

Flynn adds, "Sales of Thankyou's existing product lines in Australia alone have generated over $18.1 million for our impact partners over the past 15 years. The Thankyou Charitable Trust's social impact will be further amplified by this latest product line, and we're excited to see the impact it can make."

The super sleek bottles are made to be purchased once, used forever and are only a fraction of the price compared to other luxury home and personal care brands. A "bougie" statement piece for the financially savvy shopper. Thankyou wanted to challenge convention by designing a unique bottle mould with sustainability at the very core, created in collaboration with leading industrial and brand designers. The entire concept hinges on circularity, with end-of-life being thought about at the very beginning of the design process. Thankyou's commitment to making environmentally conscious choices accessible to all is not only reflected in the products themselves but also in the ethos that guides their development. 

True to Thankyou's reputation as an industry leader in sustainability and ethical operations, the bottles are made from glass sourced responsibly from India, as per SMETA guidelines. Thankyou is aware that not all recyclable products are created equal, so their refill containers are created from high-value natural HDPE. The infinitely recyclable glass bottles are available across Thankyou's new range of natural origin deodorant (50mL), home cleaning (400mL) and hand & body washes (400mL), released in 2023. The bottles can be filled with Thankyou's responsibly made products, allowing customers to significantly reduce their household waste and environmental impact, all while supporting the Thankyou mission of eradicating global poverty. 

Made in Australia from >95% naturally derived ingredients, Thankyou's personal care range is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and is free from the harmful chemicals, parabens and sulphates present in many high-end personal care products. The plant-enriched formulations are nourishing on skin and scented with botanical extracts, including lemon myrtle, geranium and sweet orange.

For Thankyou's Universal Cleaner, which is also a hospital-grade disinfectant, a clear glass trigger spray bottle in 400mL is available. Launched in 2023, the Universal Cleaner outstripped competitors in its versatility, affordability and effectiveness. The Australian-made formula – which is plant-based and free from harsh chemicals – has been certified to kill 99.99% of germs and is effective at eradicating grease, stains and odours from glass, tile, stone and other household surfaces.

Since their launch in 2008, Thankyou have been disrupting the consumer landscape and serving as a leading force in the social enterprise space – operating on a for-purpose model where all products exist all-for the end of extreme poverty.

With a mission to end extreme poverty across the world, Thankyou has been working on the most effective route towards expansion for over a decade. The support of impact-driven consumers has catalysed the growth of the company, and the new range will meet the needs of environmentally and socially conscious consumers across various continents.

Glass Forever Bottles RRP:

  • $17.95 - Thankyou Forever Bottle Deodorant Charcoal Glass 50mL

  • $17.95 - Thankyou Forever Bottle Deodorant Frosted Glass 50mL

  • $27.95 - Thankyou Forever Bottle Charcoal Glass 400mL

  • $27.95 - Thankyou Forever Bottle Frosted Glass 400mL

  • $23.95 - Thankyou Forever Bottle Clear Glass Trigger Spray 400mL



About Thankyou. 

Thankyou is an Australian social enterprise on a mission to amplify impactful change-makers to better serve people living in extreme poverty by redistributing wealth from consumer spending. The Melbourne-born brand sells high-quality products, empowering consumers to change the world through their purchasing decisions that exist all-for helping end extreme poverty.



We hope you all get behind this exciting innovation that actually does help humanity and the planet.  Let's all flip consumerism on it's head and start building the world we all talk about!

I personally don't mind refilling bottles when I know it's for a greater good, plus you can actually see how much is left in your glass bottle.  Refills for hand & body wash come in 1L bottles as does the universal cleaner, how easy is that. The Forever range is available in different colours so you can style and colour code accordingly.  I do love the refillable deodorant, I can't smell any nasties so it's a win for me.


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