The Bridal Shower

The Bridal Shower

Being a bride is often a very overwhelming and stressful task, even for the most organsied. The goal for her friends, family and bridesmaids is to have her feeling like a real princess. A Bridal Shower, sometimes called a Kitchen Tea, is the perfect occasion to have her feel cherished and hopefully relaxed.

Many brides are choosing between a Bridal Shower and a Hens Night, then the bride and her bridesmaids work out a perfect event to suit the bride. If you are throwing both celebrations, then there is a difference. A Hens Night is normally a fun night out involving alcohol and dancing. A Bridal Shower is a more sophisticated get together for close female friends and family members, A Bridal Shower is normally a function with 20 or less guests.

The Bridal Shower is either made redundant with a Hens Night or is dropped all together because of the bride thinking it is a boring tradition. Bridal Showers can and are stylish, sophisticated and retro! They are perfect for discussing wedding and after-wedding plans. You now can have both.

The Bridal Shower normally takes place on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, not too close to the wedding day. Ensure the event is convenient for all, especially the bride.

Remember the most important thing is that you keep your brides interests in mind. No point throwing the best winery tour bridal shower there ever was for a bride who doesn't drink wine! Look below for some great Bridal Shower ideas (I promise there are no fuddy duddy ideas to be seen)!

Think Sophistication!
A stylish lunch (think the tradition luncheon). Serve an assortment of luxurious foods such as canapés, salmons, tasty cheeses, prosciutto, pate and dips with carrot and celery sticks. Keep entertainment fancy, but you just cannot go past the Bridal Questionnaire. Draft up questions about the Bride and her Groom, think: Where did they meet? When and where did he propose?

Think Retro!
A glamorous cocktail party is a great event for an outgoing bride. Ensure that everyone dresses to impress and organise a bartender to combine the greatest cocktails. Serve a meal of your choice or fantasy fingerfood and have fruit platters on table tops. If it's summer, see if you can organise to serve the party poolside. If you don't have the perfect location- why not have it at a winery? A wine tour would be just as fun!

Think Relaxing...
Organise for a consultant to arrive at the home of choice to pamper the bride and guests. Think, facials, foot massages, manicures, pedicures, hair treatments and beauty lessons. Serve tall glasses of champagne with sushi and surround the room in candles, flowers and soft music. Relaxing is easier when there are fewer guests. Beauty groups and salons can help organise an event like this or you can organise to go to a local Day Spa. On arrival supply each guest with a cute card in which they can write wisdom or a tip for the future bride.

Think Underwear!
Why not have a lingerie party? Many business now take their lingerie to homes for parties, this is an easy one because the only thing you need to organise is a mirror, champagne and treats! Think finger food (crustless sandwiches, scones, nuts, pikelets, and cheeses) and don't forget chocolate covered strawberries!

Any of the events can be themed, keep it basic so it is still a mature function- say a colour theme or for a relaxing event try pyjamas! If the Bride and Bridesmaids homes aren't suitable ask the Bride or the groom's parents.

It is the Maid of Honours job to remember or write down what gifts are presented to the bride on the day. It is tradition that the bride then sends individual thank you cards to each guest.

Remember to keep invitations, menus and gifts sophisticated, they are all equally important and don't forget to always toast to the brides future and happiness.

For more information about Hens Nights and Bridal events please see other articles on this website.