The Different Company

The Different Company

The Different Company

The much anticipated arrival of The Different Company's exquisite French fragrances to Australia is finally here with Vaia Beauty Imports exclusively distributing to leading perfumeries and boutiques nationally.

The Different Company is a high end French perfume house, with a brand value and philosophy comprising of true luxury and haute perfumeries. The company is dedicated to producing exquisite fragrances for women and men who love exceptional, innovative and unique scents in a beautifully designed contemporary bottle.

Launched in 2000, The Different Company was the first high end alternative perfume brand in the international market, and is known as one of the best fragrance brands in the world. The brands conception is the result of world class perfume composers and designers whose commitment to the brand sustains its development.

"We are lucky enough that our unisex fragrances are considered among the best in the world by experts, journalists and perfume lovers," said The Different Company CEO, Luc Gabriel.

Pure, natural, and environmentally friendly, the range consists of 11 amazing and unique fragrances. Each of these distinctive unisex fragrances involves an exceptional amount of workmanship and passion.

Osmanthus: Originating from China, the sensitive and fragile Osmanthus flower travels in traditional porcelain pots and, once made, the scent freshly unfolds to reveal green sweet notes reminiscent of apple and apricot.
Bois d'Iris: Needing 200kilos of the Iris flower to make just 250ml of the fragrance and eight years of complex processing to extract just one litre of iris absolute from its roots, the scarcity of this aristocratic fragrance is understood. The flower blends with vetiver, bergamot, cedar wood, narcissus, geranium and musk to deliver the splendour of Bois d?Iris.
Rose Poivrée: The Damascus Rose petals found across the Mediterranean region must be handpicked between May and July to produce the essential rose oil that is the essence of Rose Poivrée. The perfume leaves a trail of sensual rose blended with warm peppery notes in its wake.
Bergamote: Using 70% pure Bergamot essence which is extracted through the tiny fruits? skin; a light and timeless fragrance has been created. The essence is cleverly combined with ginger to deliver a spicy, luscious note, and is then delicately underlined with orange flower, Vert-de-Feuille and rhubarb wood to enhance the freshness and prolong its pleasure.
Jasmin de Nuit: With 700, 000 Egyptian Jasmine flowers in a single 90ml bottle, this classical fragrance is made contemporary and warm with touches of cinnamon, mandarin, sandalwood and cardamom.
Sel de Vétiver: An international splendour developed from the workings of 2 essential oils of different extractions from the Haitian Vetiver, along with cardaman and grape-fruit from Florida, Geranium from the Bourbon Islands, Patchouli from Indonesia and Moroccan resiniode iris.
Oriental: One of the most sensual fragrances developed by the brand, Oriental is built to capture the sensuality of oriental silk. It captures the senses by combing the softness of Caloupilé, the freshness of Bergamots and the depth of Maber and the Tonka Bean delivering a modern vision of the traditional orient.
Sublime Balkiss: A modern chypre that has been developed through the blending of Patchouli essence, the best leaves of Egyptian violet and lilac, black and purple berries and Damascas Rose from Bulgaria, the Subime Balkiss is recognised for its powerful and warm yet fruity and velvety undertones.
Sens & Bois: Designer Celina Ellena has selected the alluring mix of Chinese Cedar Wood, black pepper, ginger, white violet, elmi and patchouli to develop the smoky, warm and spicy scent with a zesty twist which enhances the scents longevity and strength.
Charms & Feuilles: The inspiration for this fragrance's creation was the poem Mysterious and Legendary Gardens, written by Indian writer Rabindranath Tagpore. The combination of Marjoram, India Jasmine, Pepper Mint Leaves and grape-fruit, conjures up images of exactly that.
Ailleurs & Fleurs: This precious scent is the uniting of two white yet very different flowers; Neroli, a symbol of purity and virginity and the Tuberos, known as a flower of temptation and seduction. These flowers are combined with elderflower, mandarin, star anise and prune to create this tantalizing fragrance.

Founded in 2008, Vaia Beauty Imports is the proud distributor of a range of exclusive luxury beauty brands including Claus Porto and of course The Different Company.