The Loneliness of Distant Beings

The Loneliness of Distant Beings

What if a brush with real life, and real love, made you dream of escape?

A love story from the deepest reaches of our universe. The first novel in Kate Ling's stunning Ventura Saga will leave you breathless.

It is that quick, that strong, that beautiful. And it is also totally impossible.

Even though she knows it's impossible, Seren longs to have the sunshine on her skin. It's something she feels she needs to stay sane. But when you're hurtling through space at thousands of kilometres an hour, sometimes you have to accept there are things you cannot change.

Except that the arrival of Dom in her life changes everything in ways she can barely comprehend. He becomes the sun for her, and she can't help but stay in his orbit. To lose him would be like losing herself...

In the dark, can a heart still hope?

Kate Ling was born and brought up in London. She has an MA in Creative Writing, completed a Jerwood/Arvon Writing Apprenticeship and has had various novel extracts and short stories published. She is a contributing author on two of Dorling Kindersley's top selling titles, as well as writing magazine articles and web content.

Over the last ten years she has worked in school libraries on three continents, as a librarian and reading programme coordinator for young people.

Kate lives in Spain with her husband and two daughters,and loves eating seafood on the beach and running while listening to podcasts about science.

The Loneliness of Distant Beings
Hachette Children's Books
Author: Kate Ling
ISBN: 9781510200166
RRP: $16.99



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